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Kelly Rowland Dates Your DS

vibe kelly rowland1 Kelly Rowland Dates Your DS

The beautiful ex-Destiny Child singer Kelly Rowland was asked if she was dating anyone else, after been accused of dating football player Kieran Richardson, she made gadget boys dreams come true with the words: “The only thing I’m dating is my Nintendo DS. We have an amazing relationship and it’s a great boyfriend.”

You can see more of Kelly “Gamer” Rowland at her website.


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  • Anarchyzoo41

    lol, thats funny

  • LoneYoshi87

    Wish she was dating me


    haha funny.

  • Yoshi_Revoultion

    XD. I couldn’t agree more on how funny this is.

  • noodle_976

    lol, that sounds kind of wrong for people with sick minds :P