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3DS Slide Pad Expansion Revealed

3ds_analogaddon1 The time of the Tokyo Game Show seems to always bring in some strange Nintendo rumors, perhaps even more so than E3.  That's probably because Nintendo usually never makes their presence at TGS itself, and the internet is filled with mystery of various conferences scheduled around the event. One such rumor seems to have already been confirmed as official just a bit early.  Alongside the reveal of Capcom's Monster Hunter 3G inside the newest issue of Famitsu, is what is being referred to as the 3DS Slide Pad Expansion.  It's literally a cradle of sorts that adds a second analog pad, as well as another right shoulder button, to the system. Just like any good 3DS news, this accessory has already created quite a stir.  The accessory makes the system larger (and a bit less portable), not to mention that it adds something that people either think should have been part of the system's original design, or isn't needed at all.  There's also the question of what games the accessory will be compatible with beyond Monster Hunter 3G. No details of the accessory's release date, availability, or retail price have been released as of this time. (Source: IGN)

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  • business
    The new Circle Pad accessory was also confirmed to allow players more functionality for this game..
  • Gage
    Wow...uhm.. I hope it isn't a necessity because I don't want it. It's ugly, rather large, and almost useless. It might help me with the hand cramps I get, but it would also force me to take off the case to my 3DS. And it would be a burden to carry around since I've already bought a case to hold my 3DS, charger, and all my games. No room for that bulky thing. But hey. I woun't knock it til I try it, I guess.
  • PrettierThanHER
    Yeah, it isn't needed for anything. I think it just makes it easier to play some games.
  • PrettierThanHER
    Actually, I may be wrong. This isn't what I thought it was. :S It's so ugly. I DON'T want to buy it.