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2013 Games Finished Event

This year we are bringing you a new official yearly event involving your skills as a gamer. How many games can you complete in a year? How many achievements can you earn? Do you have what it takes to be the "Gamer of the Year"? Games Finished in 2013 - In this thread, gamers compete to become "Gamer of the Year". To get a better understanding about the background of this long standing thread, an interview was conducted with XCWarrior. Interview:
How long has this thread been going on? + Who originally started this thread? “The Jack of Hearts” started the thread started the thread back in 2008. How many years have you participated? I started in 2009, though wasn’t a member of Nsider until June of 2008. I’m sure had I been around in Jan 2008 and knew about it, I would have started then. Did participating have an effect on how you gamed? By January 2009, when I found the thread, my backlog was in bad shape. I’m a very competitive person – I ran cross country in high school and college, and one mascot was Warriors, hence my username – so the thread refocused me on both beating all my games and trying to beat more games than the other members. At the beginning of 2010, someone on Nsider2 showed me, so then I was able to really see how bad my backlog was. Plus, being the second year participating in the thread, I had a number from 2009 to beat of 35 games. I’ve managed to beat more games each year: 36 in 2010, 52 in 2011 and 60 in 2012. I’m finally beating more games than I buy, though I’m so good at finding sales and deals, I still buy a ton of games! How did it come about that you would take over this year? “The Jack of Hearts” and I follow each other on Twitter, and we talk in the Virtual Console Community’s Chat on xat. He had mentioned in December of 2012 a couple of times he wasn’t sure if he wanted to keep the thread up. The last few days of the year, he posted on Twitter he’d like someone to take it over. I jumped on the chance. I think he knew how anal I was about my posts in that thread, so he thankfully handed it over to me. In taking over, what changes/additions have you made over previous years? “Jack” always had fun achievements, so I took that and basically went nuts. He usually gave 10-15 for the year. I expanded that with the four tiers of 10 achievements, bronze, silver, gold and platinum. The bronze ones I expect by the end of the year everyone to get. The platinum ones are pretty crazy and you either will have to beat a lot of games or be very good at some of the hardest and worst games of all time. For instance, of them is “beat Superman 64 and provide a picture for proof.” Who even owns that, right? I don’t, but thought it would be fun to see if anyone was so competitive they’d go and buy it purely for the achievement. My personal favorite is “Beat 1744 in Star Fox 64.” That is my favorite game of all time, and that is my best score. When I created my AOL screen name way back in the day, hotshot1744, that’s what that number was. Worst idea ever – jinxed myself and still to this day haven’t beaten that score. But I will, somehow, now that I have the 3DS version. Or at least I hope so!
Prizes: Another new thing this year is the thread becoming official. With an official event comes prizes. Hence this year the gamer with the highest score will receive a $20 points card along with a rank!   Gamer of the Year For those of you needing some help keeping track of your progress, Backloggery is a great resource. All the details for participating can be found in the official floated thread on the Wii & DS eShop board. So far there are 21 users participating, we look forward to having many more!

About the Author

As a member of Nsider2, it has been my goal to contribute as much as I can to the community. I've been writing for quite some time, but my real forte is graphic design. However, as a gamer I just love playing! Hoping 2013 brings us a great year of games!