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Nsider2 Scoop Podcast

Hello fellow Nsiders! Just an announcement about your Nsider2 Scoop! Last week we did a special News Flash episode and we had several listeners tuned in giving comments which were broadcasted live. If you want to get into the action you should consider following our thread here. The schedule is normally every other Thursday 7pm EST and there are now two ways in which you can tune in. First is the podcast channel which features Nintendo music break segments. This can be found here.  During our live show you can offer questions or comments via our chat here. Second way to tune is would be through Pelords Twitch channel located here. By having a twitch account yourself, you can offer comments or questions directly on his channel. With listening on Twitch you do not get the musical breaks, rather you get our "behind the scenes" chatter and the ever growing in popularity "lion cam"... Be a support of the podcast and use our button!       Each podcast is recorded and listed in the topic thread for you to either stream or broadcast. If you are interested in joining our live broadcast, all you have to do is have a skype account and add us to your contacts! Skype names: illusdarrk8 | kohpelord | ab_rhyme You are also free to post suggestions and comments in the thread itself. Next podcast: Sunday 2/17/12 time is TBA keep an eye out on the thread and the status updates to know what time to tune in. This weeks will be a special Zelda theme with guest speaker Uni. We will be talking about the timeline, new book Hyrule Historia and the future of the series.

About the Author

As a member of Nsider2, it has been my goal to contribute as much as I can to the community. I've been writing for quite some time, but my real forte is graphic design. However, as a gamer I just love playing! Hoping 2013 brings us a great year of games!