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Nintendo Direct 2-14-2013 Happy V-Day

Hello lovers of green! Did you know that this year, 2013 is the year of Luigi! Todays Nintendo Direct opened up with a smash full of this green plumber and his new adventures! First a very extensive coverage of the new Luigi Mansion game Dark Moon followed by a list of new releases starting our man Luigi:
  • Mario & Luigi Dream team - Summer 2013 for the 3DS
  • Mario Golf World Tour - Summer 2013 for the 3DS
  • New Super Luigi U based on NSMBU for the WiiU
Next in our exciting news is that a new community is opening today on Miiverse! Many fans are in anticipation of the new Zelda games coming to the WiiU, but we have not had a place to discuss one of the most renowned series Nintendo has to offer. Without waiting for the new games to release, the new Zelda community will be available today in Miiverse.   We have had our hands on the newest Fire Emblem game for 10 days now, well most of us had to wait for shipments >_<, and until March 6th, there is a free map pack you can download for the game. Today though we have 2 new map packs releasing at a cost of just $2.50! One of which features a new playable character! There is more to come for this amazing game and also until March 6th you can download at a discount the campaign map pack for just $4.00. After the discounted date passes, this pack will go up to $6.00.   Release dates:
  • Animal Crossing New Leaf - June 9th
  • Lego City Under Cover - March 6
  • Lego City for the 3DS - April 21
  • Kersplooh in the eshop - March 7
  • Dillon's Rolling Western Sequel - April 11
Also coming to the 3DS eshop we will see the following:
  • Mario & Donkey Kong minis on the move
  • Harvest Moon
  • and more
As I was watching the US Nintendo Direct, another user was watching the Europe version and his report is as follows:
In there exclusive part they had the Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate cross platform demo video and the announcement of console bundles for both titles, a part of Castlevania Lords of Shadow: Mirror of Fate, announcement of a special 3DS XL bundle for Fire Emblem with a special 3DS XL instead of the special regular 3DS everywhere else got, videos on 2 downloadable games Spash or Crash and Code of Princess, a soccer game called Inazuma 11 for 3DS, info on the new Pokemon Myster Dungeon game, info on Animal Crossing New Leaf, info on the new Mario vs. Donkey Kong game and Donkey Kong Countrty Returns 3D.
Now for those of us with the WiiU Deluxe, remember to go to and convert your points to dollars for the eshop. Every purchase made in the eshop earns deluxe owners 10% back to use in the eshop! We will see some sales coming to the 3DS eshop along with some new demos to give a try in the upcoming months! Demos include the following:
  • Castlevania - 2/28 with a release date of 3/5
  • Monster Hunter 3 - 2/21
Speaking of Monster Hunter 3, this game is releasing on both the WiiU and the 3DS and will feature cross platform play! Now for more third party support! We have a list of games coming this spring/summer including:
  • Need for Speed Most Wanted
  • The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct
  • Injustice Gods Among Us
  • Disney Infinity
Finally the last announcement that was snuck in at the very end was a remake of Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D just for the 3DS! A new 3D video will be in the eshop today! You can watch todays Nintendo Direct replay once it's available in the archives here:    

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