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Nsider2 Monthly Highlights

Hello Nsiders! Wow, February sure did bring us a lot of changes. Most notably we saw that our beloved Admin Aisha has stepped out of office. She has been an amazing Admin over her time here and has changed quite a bit for the community. I am sure her efforts will be greatly missed, especially all her wonderful custom hooks! We have also had several PodCasts this month including a very special Zelda themed one with some technical difficulties. We are hoping to have another Zelda theme podcast at another date with guest speakers Uni and Gibi! Both users are very advent fans of the series! So stay tuned for that and check out our floated thread on Power On! Speaking of Power On, right now there is a discussion on the suggestion board in regards to making a new board for just general gaming discussion. If you would like to weigh in your thoughts, you should do so. It is quite the heated discussion over there. Over the course of this month, we have had several new registered members. Not everyone makes a thread on the intro board so let's just give a warm welcome to our newest members: rizz768; Magi; KaikoEx; jesterbell; theboss77; BIZCOCHOvsSUSHI; ShadowFax; apathyRecharge; logsp1; Lithiumpowered; JRRD; LevenThumps; superwailord; LuckeeJohnee; ThisSiteIsEgregiouslyAwful; Mage of Unintelligence Hopefully they will feel compelled to stick around and contribute to our community! Games Finished 2013 There was actually a great thread this past month on Power on called "End the Shame" for users to commit to beating at least four games for the month of February. It was a very nice addition to go along with the games finished for 2013 because many of our year long competitors were able to participate and this in turn connected the community a bit more. Here is the years total for points so far:
  • Irondog666 (116)
  • Lady Zozo (95)
  • Bearissoslow (79)
  • Lolo (68)
  • kirbykiller (55)
  • XCWarrior (46)
  • Eternity (45)
  • Eliwood8 (39)
  • lilty (35)
  • ArtDeCat (34)
  • Shulk (30)
  • Paris (30)
  • JoH Dynablade (30)
  • Chrom (28)
  • Malkon (24)
  • Stahl/Iridium (21)
  • x10power (21)
  • Cadaverini_Guy_LD (10)
  • SUPERLUIGI23 (7)
  • mac_hine (6)
  • ArmorFrog (6)
  • Sonicandtails1 (6)
  • Super Daddy-o (5)
  • PyroJing (4)
  • purple_beard (3)
  • Kidflash_ (2)
  • SuperShadowX2 (0)
February's Sig of the Month winner was Shulk! The theme for Feb was Rebirth, and here are some comments from the sigs creator:
The idea of Rebirth can be taken so many different ways. I've always loved the idea of typography though and I figured when we look at society were are all required to act and live in a certain way. Essentially that puts us in a box. Hence the idea of my sig, a rebirth of humanity, growth from a small seed and getting out of our box. - Shulk
Nsider2 Vivor Season 1 is finishing up with the final 3 participants! Be on the look out for season 2! Richochet 3: Arena Battle - Sign ups are now open and this is a team game. We have had 2 others like this in this month alone and they have been quite entertaining. Requested plug: The Nintendo Baseball League Founded in 2004 on the original Nsider site, the Nintendo Baseball League, or NBL for short, is a league in which the people of Nsider2 act as baseball managers and GMs.  The players on the teams are video game characters from the various games and franchises, mostly Nintendo first-party franchises but some are third-party as well. The people battle their teams on the field against one another by creating their rosters, making daily coaching decisions about whom to play, and by imparting their wisdom upon the players. That's it for these highlights. As you can see there was a request made to have a thread highlighted and I was pleased to do so. If anyone has a thread they would like to make sure gets added to our monthly highlights please send me a PM!

About the Author

As a member of Nsider2, it has been my goal to contribute as much as I can to the community. I've been writing for quite some time, but my real forte is graphic design. However, as a gamer I just love playing! Hoping 2013 brings us a great year of games!