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Review of the Walking Dead: Michonne – Episode 3

The Walking Dead: Michonne is a third-person, adventure horror based on The Walking Dead comic book, developed and published by Telltale Games. The series is consisted of the 3 choose-your-own adventures; ”In Too Deep”, “Give No Shelter”, and the third one “What We Deserve”, which are released between February and April 2016, and are available to play on Android and iOS mobile devices, PC, PlayStation 3 and 4, Xbox One and Xbox 360 platforms.

The mini-series follows Michonne’s survival journey during the temporary departure from Rick Grime, Ezekiel and the rest of the group, while she’s looking for a way to keep herself and people worth saving alive during the zombie apocalypse.

What We Deserve was released on April 26th, and is the finale of the mini-series. The final chapter perfectly sums up all the scenes from the two previous parts, leading to a climatic standoff where the main character is not only facing Norma and the walking corpses, but her own fears as well.

The game is not for those with a weak stomach; there are blood, broken bones, guts and limbs torn apart all over the place during the fight against the zombies. However, graphics are more comic-strip-looking, the visuals and details are not too realistic, and therefore the bloody scenes are not that hard to watch.

Yet, there is much more depth to the series than all the slaughter – it is at the same time both grotesque and emotional, and those who are familiar with the TV show and/or the comic book know what I’m talking about.

Reviews with Dead or Alive

The Walking Dead: Michonne received mostly positive reviews from critics. It was praised for its progression of action and development of the main character, but was criticizes for its plot, graphics, and short game length.

Players overall thoughts are that the Michonne episodes didn’t catch their attention as much as the original Walking Dead series. However, it seems that the game’s intensity increased with each episode, and made an overall of what is a great story.


Characters are just common people who found themselves in a series of tough circumstances, where lots of sacrifice and loss are being survived. This chapter especially, is about growing relationships with folks who are not your family, not even your friends, but you are all there to support and protect each other while being surrounded by the walking zombies.

In the same way, the lead character starts to grow with her crew, and since she is the only adult at one point, she takes responsibility for Paige, Sam, and her two little brothers.

The episode starts with the flashback of Michonne being on a boat with few fellas she started to trust, yet through a chain of events, she is now stuck in the house with four younglings. The plot happens when she, Paige and Sam find out that the local boss, Norma, has the rest of the group, Siddiq Oak and Berto. On the other hand, Michonne has captured Randall, a sociopathic little brother of Norma. Therefore, Norma proposes a trade: hostages for her pet brother. Sam is hoping that they can all just escape, but Michonne is, at least at this point, thinking sanely and knows that this option is never the right solution.

The real action occurs later, when the main character can hardly separate reality from hallucinations at the crucial moment when she needs to be present both in body and mind. An accent is put on Michonne’s pain and guilt over the loss of her two daughters, which hunts her more than ever now in chapter 3.

Michonne’s Role

Michonne represents what seems to be a tough, fearless woman who doesn’t tend to show her feelings. Instead she prefers working alone and keeps much of her past a secret. Nevertheless, just as every woman and a mother, she has her vulnerabilities.

Her guilt for leaving her two little daughters, Collete and Elodie behind before the world became a walker-land has almost killed her several times from the beginning of the series. Remember the scene from the In Too Deep chapter, where she almost shot herself in the head? This time, it looks more like her daughters are hunting and dragging her into the death, instead of Michonne making it her own choice.


In What We Deserve, she goes through the past moments with her daughters, and is trying to reach them back in visions. She recalls their cries in critical situations when she has to make important decisions. This inner fight of hers is pretty emotional.


Before moving to the gameplay, I have to mention the intro, which I think anyone who plays the three games love watching, by the way there is a similar slot machines like Dead or Alive game that offered for free. Even if there was an option to skip it, I wouldn’t do it. The scenes from the comic book are perfectly followed by the hard-rock music in the background.

Regarding the controls, the same are used as for the previous chapters. Your job as a calm and calculated adult is to prepare the group for the storm that is about to come. You’ll be having a conversation with the youngest members of the group, Sam’s two brothers, who are scared more than ever now that their parents are dead.

At this point, you’ll have an unlimited amount of time to explore the house and spend time with the group, so use it to have a conversation with every member. Even though Michonne is a though woman, as the ending is getting closer, the story pools you more and more towards choosing more softer dialog options, especially when talking to the kids.

Check if each person is prepared for the battle, if they have weapons and bullets and make sure that the kids are safe and you are all in the right position for when Norma shows up.

It’s not easy to make all the right moves when you react in a split second; that’s why I had to replay the episode in order to avoid actions that caused certain deaths.

The highlight occurs near the end when you are forced to choose between Sam, Paige and others over Collete and Elodie. In other words, you have to choose between reality and a dream.
I won’t spoil things further because these are some of the best and most emotional moments.
As anyone who’s played the previous chapters knows, you have limited amount of time to make choices on what action you want to take, or which way do you want the dialog with other characters to go.

With every choice I made, I just wanted to restart the game in order to see what would happen otherwise. Even when you stay silent or don’t take any action, it reflects your gameplay and relationship with other characters, even the ending itself. The gameplay lasts about one hour, but as I mentioned before, at some point there is no time limit. Don’t worry, if you die, you won’t get all the way back to the first scene, only a few moments behind.

The game has 2 possible endings; the one in which Sam dies, and the other in which you, Pete, Paige, Sam and her brothers survive. I’ll leave it to you to find out what choices lead to which of the two endings. At the end of each episode, you can see the statistics on what percentage of players has made the same choices as you did.


The Walking Dead: Michonne is, in general, a family story, a story about trust, loyalty and sympathy among people who only want one thing and it is to survive the zombie apocalypse. The lead character, at first, seems like a cold, fearless person carrying a machete and a gun, when in time you discover that she is just a mother who failed at parenting her children. What I personally liked about the episodes is that everything flows without the dips or the boring, unnecessary parts in the story.

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