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Best ways to win super diamond deluxe games also known as diamond deluxe  is an exciting and delightful game! Join the tambourine adventure, and dig your way to treasure treasure treasures! This Diamonds flash saga game wants to interleave you many hours of fun, with interminable challenges! Super-fast, hyper-addictive and mega-interesting! Collision of diamonds! Shop till you drop and buy amazing bonuses to become the champion of the Diamond competition! 
– Arcade mode, time mode. 
– Exchange and match 3 Diamonds in a line to divest them. 
– Match 4: Diamonds can win a precious stone bomb and in 1 light. 
– A match of 5 diamonds can win a precious stone bomb and in 2 lamps. 
– Diamond Bomb preserve eliminate diamonds around.
– Color changing Diamond can obliterate any other colored diamonds. 
– Lighting Diamonds can obliterate jewelry in one column or row. 
– Arcade mode: more than 200 exciting levels. 
– It’s really a big deal to get 3 stars on each level! 
The slot book allows the player to appear in the image of a researcher of the ancient pyramids. Combining the symbols of the Nile, you can get truly royal treasures. The answer to the question of how to read the book in the automata is given by careful research into the mechanics of the device. Among the players, two effective methods of making profits on this emulator are common. 
Consider the most popular ways to win in the superdiamond case. 
The Magic Five
More than that, it’s a game to play in. To activate prize-winning hairdresser, you need to get three symbols of the golden book on the playing field. 
If you are looking for a betting game, then you have a chance to win.

Correct calculation 
This method is not based on any observation, rather it prompts the player to do research on their own. A good way to make money. 
Its essence is as follows. The first spins must be at least one bet with one active line. This is the most important thing to do. After about 50 rounds, you will identify some scheme. It will not be 100% accurate, but some chances of success will add. To win in the book, follow your observation, you need to make an average bet on the maximum number of lines when the effective spin approaches. The win must follow in the next 10 spins. 
The result
Each of these techniques will not open the door to the player in the bins of gambling equipment, but with proper skill will determine whether you can win in the slot gaming machines. The most important advice is that it can be given: do not rush, analyze, and draw conclusions. The Internet is the best way to get the most out of your money.

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