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      Updates 5.29


      2:48 AM EST Think this'll be all for now. Wanted to comb through everything again to sum up what needs to be looked at tomorrow but I think I may just do that first thing.   1:38 AM EST Things appear to be winding down for tonight. CCH has elected to turn in and resume tasks in the morning. Taking a respite doesn't sound like a bad idea to me either. Will continue monitoring things for a while longer before completely suspending.   1:06 AM EST Since earlier in the afternoon CCH did a scan and actually found out that there's already a security patch available to download for the forum software. It's in our best interest to stay on top with these things but as of right now we're unable to do so. One reason is because we think it'd be best to apply the patch after the rebuilding finishes in order to avoid any possible conflict. Another is that according to CCH we would need to either gain access to the IPS account (which owns the license for NSider2) in order to download it or get CG to do it for us. The guy we apparently would have to reach out to either way is unlikely to be contacted over the weekend, so...this will need to wait a bit. In the meantime I have to keep looking at this big red message on the actual forum index telling me about this update we can't download.   12:36 AM EST Forgot to mention this earlier but we now have a link to our front page ( on the forums as a home tab. The Thread Resource tab (does anyone even still remember this?)  may or may not return.   12:31 AM EST Figured out how to add the copyright line at the footer.   12:20 AM EST Just realized I'll need to reconfigure topic display defaults for every board again. Shouldn't be too hard. CCH fixed Animate's missing editor graphics.   12:12 AM EST Avatars modified to be larger and borderless like before.   12:01 AM EST Start of a new day. Very happy to have made a lot progress since I started logging. Also very tired, but there's still much to do. Rebuilding still very far away from completion. Check Updates 5.28 for yesterday's developments.
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