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      Updates 5.28


      11:17 PM EST Remembered to add a block on the forum index to show the most recently posted topics. Had a feeling something felt missing.   10:39 PM EST Animate skin has a few minor blemishes that could use some polish, but it's pretty good. I've noticed that new topics don't have their views updated at all, want to look into that.   10:11 PM EST Dark theme has been replaced by something more familiar. Check the bottom of the page to change your theme.   9:39 PM EST Dark theme has kinks. We can adjust it just as much as the default one. Trying to see where else the blocks can be useful. We apparently have a fully functional awards system already.   9:12 PM EST Dark theme installed. Display names are now in accordance to rank, rather than just black.   9:09 PM EST We've added some things thanks to CCH. Display name histories supposedly work again, haven't checked personally. Online indicators to show when people are online or offline (this is surprisingly not a default on IPS4). And an assortment of other things in the background. Also had CCH help me make sure guests had the correct permission settings.   8:59 PM EST We're entering a higher state of activity so more and more things are happening, meaning I'm getting more busy. Please remember to share things I should take a look at in the questions thread and save me the trouble of scavenging around to find your issue. Thanks.   8:32 PM EST Oh yeah, and in case it wasn't obvious, medals broke as expected, but we're going to address this soon.   8:25 PM EST Making sure that the block featuring the questions thread is everywhere. Query consolidation is important. CCH says WebMs should be working again.   8:11 PM EST Adding blocks to the forum index. Expect the design to change a lot as choices get ironed out. CCH is looking into reimplementing WebMs again.   7:44 PM EST The forum index is now functional, and topics should be able to be viewed as normal again. We did it!   7:20 PM EST We're manually restoring board names now. CCH seems confident that this will help with the forum index error.   7:00 PM EST Avatars are no longer rounded thanks to CCH. We just remembered that @mentions are now a thing again.   6:39 PM EST CCH got around to modifying profiles so that rank names don't appear in tandem with the rank icons. Yay. He also thinks he may be able to get rid of the avatars being rounded. More on that soon.   6:08 PM EST CCH brought up a while back that we had a setting on that allowed for users to upload any file they want into their posts. For security purposes we're going to disable this again. However, unlike before, we will allow users to directly upload images into their posts. Hopefully this isn't a problem. Otherwise you can use remote images as always, with the {img}{/img} tag (replace with brackets). {img=} doesn't work anymore from my experience, but we could make it work again if we really wanted to, but on the other hand it's hardly necessary when we already have a functional tag. I'm not sure what are the rest of the tags that we have at our disposal right now.   5:48 PM EST Noted how redundant it looks that the rank name is displayed in addition to the rank icon which already has the name on it. I'm pretty sure we can amend this since we did a similar thing on our previous software. I'll ask CCH to look into this next time I see him.   5:42 PM EST We successfully managed to apply a setting to force YouTube videos to a more friendly size, but this can only work on future content created. Older content made before this change will likely have the videos default to an "infinite" size which scales according to your display size, but editing them does the trick if necessary.   4:48 PM EST Made a pretty neat discovery. Now anyone can embed things from their favorite sites just as they do with YouTube videos by simply posting the links to the content they want to share. No more fiddling with HTML.   4:25 PM EST I've asked CCH to look into adjusting embedded YouTube videos to display at a more conservative size.   4:09 PM EST Doesn't look like that's it so I'm reverting that setting. We're kind of back to the drawing board now about what's with anonymous liking. I'll leave it for later since it's not like a big issue. In other news CCH says cover photos should be enabled for everyone now. Enjoy.   3:53 PM EST Really tinkered with guest settings but I couldn't find an explicit setting to disable guests from liking posts. I turned off the setting to allow guests from viewing who gave reputation to a given post in hopes that this could do the trick. We'll see.   3:48 PM EST Found out how to let others upload cover photos. I've asked CCH to enable it for everyone.   3:42 PM EST Being told by other users that they don't see a way to set a cover photo on their profiles. Willing to bet it's something dependent on permissions or something. Looking into it. Most ranks have been accounted for. Still looking to see about guest likes.   3:12 PM EST Starting to think that the "somebody" liking posts are actually guests, which might be a more plausible explanation. I'd rather disable that if I can find the setting for it.   2:59 PM EST CCH and I are going to focus our efforts on restoring ranks manually to save time, and in hopes that the rebuilding won't interfere.   2:45 PM EST Thanks to another user I was able to pinpoint which group (or rank, if you will) belonged to guests, so with that information I have edited posting permissions of the Announcements board to prevent guests from creating content there. I may or may not have been responsible for allowing that due to previously touching those settings to allow others to post replies to topics there.   2:25 PM EST Renamed the board in which the topic was posted in to show that it's the Announcements board. I figure that if I should rename a board before any others, it should be this one.   2:18 PM EST Retitled the question thread to make it more apparent what it's for, also to see how editing topic titles work now. Apparently I'm no longer able to edit topic titles directly from the topic index (the board), only through the page to edit the first post. Not a big deal. It also seems no longer possible to preview topics via the topic index too but I don't imagine many people will miss that feature.   2:07 PM EST Profiles are revamped for IPS4 (our new forum software). I don't think anything has really been removed except for friends, which appear to be superseded by a follower system much like Twitter. You can even add a cover photo to your profile like Facebook to give it a personal touch, which I think is pretty cute. Profile fields are jumbled but the About Me is still a thing.   1:48 PM EST Just realized that I don't know if the upgrade has caused any changes to restrictions on certain accounts (e.g. suspensions and such). Remaining vigilant.   1:27 PM EST Got a notification saying a generic "somebody" with the default avatar liked a post I made. Is it possible to like posts anonymously now? Interesting if true.   1:23 PM EST Added a Popular Contributors block to the Activity page. Just something for fun. As you can see, it's reputation/like based. There are plenty of more things I can add to pages but this is more or less fine for right now. Look forward to more blocks later.   1:16 PM EST Made a reconsideration and removed the dates from these updates and retitled this announcement to show that it's for only for today. Instead I think I'll just post a new announcement for each new day so that it's more organized.   1:09 PM EST Posting permission settings are totally jumbled; the topic I posted earlier was unable to be posted in by others initially until I checked the board's permission settings, I only knew because another user informed me. Other boards will probably need to have their permission settings reconfigured again. Try not to do anything you think you probably aren't supposed to do.   12:14 PM EST Found a setting in the ACP to change the behavior of the Return key in the editor (the field where you make posts) so that it starts a new line instead of a new paragraph. As such it changed the formatting of this announcement so I just cleaned it up quickly.   11:55 AM EST I've posted a topic for you all. Use it for your questions if you have any.   11:21 AM EST Not sure if this is too early to say or not but right now it looks like we probably have to rewrite our site guidelines, privacy policy, and registration terms and rules. Normally this would be a bummer but those were long overdue for some changes anyway so I'd say this is a good excuse to get around to that now.   10:07 AM EST To those just joining us, hello and welcome back. Please refer to this announcement for future updates. Probably the most important thing you should know before getting started is that you're now required to sign in to your account with your display name and not your login name; the latter is gone now. Have fun exploring what's currently functional. Most of the actual forums are still existing but are unable to be displayed for now, which is why the forum index looks the way it does. We're working on that.   9:43 AM EST Awake now. I've edited timestamps to include a date. Rebuilding progress has thankfully gone uninterrupted overnight, but the rate at which it's going is incredibly sluggish. I really doubt this'll finish within even the next day or two; it really is that slow. Kodiack (one of our admins) says he got background processes running manually which is supposed to complete them a bit quicker, but it's hard to say right now how useful this will be. I've also discovered that we're still able to bulk send emails from our support email ( to everyone who's enabled to receive emails from us. In all likelihood we'll probably send something out once more things are sorted, so if you're interested keep an eye out for us in the near future. You should be able to verify whether you're set or not by checking your notification settings and reviewing the first option, the one that mentions being on our mailing list.   3:20 AM EST Really spacing out now so I think this will be my last update for tonight. CG Admin hasn't told me anything worthwhile this evening beyond the fact that a ticket was opened (to IPS?), but the rebuilding is still going on, very slowly but surely. Even though it's the weekend I don't want to sleep in more than I have to so that I can focus on this as much as I can. Should be back in the morning, may try to share an update about this via social media if I feel it's worth posting about by then.   2:58 AM EST For the most part there just doesn't seem to be a way to actually view any topics or boards even though they certainly still exist in the database. However, I was able to discover that this topic about our Discord basically displays fine. Feel free to give it a look. You can also preview the board itself (what's supposed to be the Announcements board but its name defaulted) but keep in mind that I've personally locked all topics for now. This is all I've seen so far. If you see any other topics or boards that display properly, you're welcome to share.   2:48 AM EST For the record, I did try to add blocks to the forum index page (the one showing the configuration error) so that these updates can be shared there, but it's no good. It appears to work but it doesn't save any changes, I imagine it's to do with that error.   2:45 AM EST Updated this specific announcement's page so that the Announcements block would no longer appear on it. It's pretty redundant to see it that way.   2:36 AM EST Took another look at the new Admin Control Panel (ACP) and I'm pretty sure I may need to manually reinsert the names and descriptions for all of the boards to distinguish them. Or at least the relevant ones. Haven't seen anything suggesting that the rebuilding will necessarily restore those. I'll wait and see for now. This sucks.   2:25 AM EST As you may or may not have already noticed, the PM system appears to be available. Feel free to use that for whatever purpose you need. Please don't PM me.   2:18 AM EST Messing around with the Activity page; it's surprisingly accessible to customize. At the moment I've set up some blocks containing some mildly interesting information. I'm not anticipating anything new to pop up in the Post Feed block anytime soon but just in case I'd like to leave it up as a way to see if anything happens on the boards. I don't know why the Forum Statistics block is providing some inconsistent stats, namely that we apparently have 7 million total posts when we previously broke through 9 million a few weeks ago.   1:55 AM EST Regarding the redirect/phishing warnings: We've received reports that the issue still exists right now and I've let CG know about it. Based on what I was last told, upgrading the forum software is only a part of the fix, so we're hoping the rest of the steps can be gone through sooner or later so that's settled too. Proceed with care.   1:46 AM EST Unfortunately this announcement is not a live feed so just check back every now and again to see what's new. I've also rearranged updates here in order so that the newest is always first.   1:31 AM EST Don't forget that we are on Facebook, Twitter, and Discord too. Feel free to follow along with others there if you wish.   1:24 AM EST The site looks weird right now but the database is still intact. The server is currently rebuilding everything, including posts, signatures, etc. I'm able to track progress but it seems like this will take some time to finish, likely many hours. Stay tuned.
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