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  2. gutsack was supposed to be my lover

    this sign used to have the name of my attorney on it cuz he helped me shut down a Bogus stalking lawsuit against me (lol freakin maroons think they can step to me all the time) but i felt so wrong, because there's only one man i should ever celebrate i love u so much bby!!
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  4. What is your favorite forum?

    Its still boyah BABY!!!
  5. gutsack was supposed to be my lover

    Thanks man, that means one hell of a lot. :,) I was starting to feel alone in the universe... I'm here again to spin a golden record into deep space, hoping it reaches Godsack's ears and sticks like honey. Gutsack, babe, this is me, taken fresh, taken today, taken (yours): that's a happy trail forsure, we'll walk down it one day, hand in hand. i Love you <3
  6. sometimes stars don't cross they smack right into eachother and crack like eggs gutsack was supposed to duct tape me to a tree and crack my skin open with hard eggshells and that musclebound Nippon Professional throwing arm of his~ i was supposed to be his local yolkel. yolk rolling down my body in the invincible sun. sun caking me into a golden trophy of love i have dreams about gutsy. mouth clenches his rubber ball... saliva drips all over his face. onto the sheets. unexpected, a plastic apex is swiftly inserted, and he flinches in recoil or is that me? love can be like a mirror yknow, you forget who's who
  7. So what happened? Was it something like this? userbase purged to the point where the only users left would gladly follow some noob to his own forum userbase purged as in years of people being driven away by a message board even more restricted in content than nintendo's, and getting easily banned for no reason Some noob makes his own site and tries and take down ns2 in the process, and its simple because the only ones left are his bitches so basically, NSiders legacy is on its last legs because the owners of this site were foolish enough to leave it in the hands of someone selfish and egotistical enough to kill NSider, just because they wanted more power and more of a name for themselves? Believe it or not, some of us actually care about this place. It's been with us, despite its memory being constantly shat on to the point where we find ourselves here
  8. What is your favorite forum?

    Mine is Boyah. There are so many hot and cool people there. The activity is always booming and it's practically irreplaceable.
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