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  2. How will Kingdom Hearts: Coded work?

  3. The NSider Town Square - 9/27/16

    I'd have to disagree on all this. I think NS2 always had looser restrictions than NS1 did. (A huge example being that online play was actually allowed.) Still, though, I'll admit I was a little hesistant at first to join N4/-\ because I was pissed off at Chrom at the time. This was because he was the only admin who had the balls to actually ban me a few times, after years of me pissing off everyone who goes here in countless flame wars and spam threads. Still, though, even if NSider could have had a better administration than him, the fact of the matter is, the reason N4/-\ was created was because this site pretty much had no administration left. It used to be fun when this site could add new Nintendo themes and features, but when the only people who care that this site exists have limited power over the development of the website, and the real admins tech support is virtually nonexistent, things just don't get to be as good as they used to.
  4. So what happened? Was it something like this? userbase purged to the point where the only users left would gladly follow some noob to his own forum userbase purged as in years of people being driven away by a message board even more restricted in content than nintendo's, and getting easily banned for no reason Some noob makes his own site and tries and take down ns2 in the process, and its simple because the only ones left are his bitches so basically, NSiders legacy is on its last legs because the owners of this site were foolish enough to leave it in the hands of someone selfish and egotistical enough to kill NSider, just because they wanted more power and more of a name for themselves? Believe it or not, some of us actually care about this place. It's been with us, despite its memory being constantly shat on to the point where we find ourselves here
  5. How will Kingdom Hearts: Coded work?

    In case you don't know, 3 new Kingdom Hearts titles have been anounced at the Tokyo Game Show: 1. Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days for the Nintendo DS that focuses on Roxas' story. 2. Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep for the PlayStation Portable that focuses on the story in the Kingdom Hearts II & Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix + secret endings that takes place long before the begining of the series. 3. Kingdom Hearts: Coded for the cell-phone (yes you read right, the cell-phone!) that takes place right in a crisis in which Jiminy Cricket had a note put in his journal he didn't write in which Sora & king Mickey must find out its meaning. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Anyways, back to the point. How will kingdom hearts: Coded work, if it's played on a cell-phone?! I mean, there's no game slot in a cell-phone! How can it possibly work altogether?! My only guess is you input the code you buy off of some website, but that doesn't seem like something they'd do for a full-fledged Kingdom Hearts game.............................................. ....................
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