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  2. So it finally died...

  3. waht the ufuck

  4. post your smash 4 rosters

    i meant smash 5
  5. post your smash 4 rosters

    i think that they should have all the charactrers from all the games in the smash bros. i want all smash bros characters in one game. ice climber young liunk duck hunt dog i want kingdom hearts sora to be in the game and be able to play as her i want also that doom guy from doom to be in the game
  6. So it finally died...

    I wish I could still give out cool ranks to the first 4 replies in the thread.
  7. Nsider2's history

    As an admin during EJRaven's reign of terror, it was clear to me he was a nutjob. He made stupid rules, demoted people randomly, and had not idea how to manage the forum so his business venture clearly did not work out and he angered and divided what was once a mostly close-nit community of Nintendo fans.
  8. RIP NS2

    Pickle Army will LIVE 4EVRRRR!!!
  9. So it finally died...

    10 years later this place slowly died a long and needlessly painful death... I remember sooooo much idiotic drama that lead to what I assume was a long and dreadful spiral downward. Very sad, quite honestly. I was active in NSider community forums for several years before NSider2 came along. I recall NOA_SEAN's (or SHAWN's, I forgot how he spelled it lol) trivia games, the ridiculously hilarious pickle army. Fun times! NSider2 was founded as a place for NSider forums fans to go after Nintendo of America shut them down (they could have paid for a much cheaper forum hosting option, IMO). Being founded by real members of the Nsider community, it could truly be a new place to call home. Ownership of the forum was somehow snatched away by some nutcase EJRaven who was like 40, btw. He's 40 yrs old and gets a jolly out of power plays with teenagers. What a total clown! He ran the site into the ground, I tried to hold it off as long as I could during my time as an Admin but he eventually demoted everyone and sold it to some forum managing company and here we are today... I hope everyone I interacted with is doing well in their lives and EJRaven got the counseling he desperately needed.
  10. RIP NS2

    I think it's time to call it. You had a good run NSider2, but with the Nintendo Switch failing to ignite any energy on a Nintendo fan forum, the loading times slowing to a death crawl, and the userbase moving onto more fruitful pastures (I won't link it here, but for anyone late to the game, fruitful pastures do exist), it's over. I have no idea why I held on for all your life, because Nintendo fan forums are super lame. But it's cool it lasted as long as it did. It's a retroactive sentiment, but I look forward to hanging out with anyone on the new forums for as long as I continue to lurk. Share your final thoughts about NS2 here.
  11. Nsider2's history

    I've been going to this board for so long and yet I know nothing on how Nsider2 got started. Can anyone tell me how Nsider2 got started and why? edit: Who created Nsider2?
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