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  2. I know how to save the forums

    I have to agree. When everything started to become more consolidated, it felt like it made the forum smaller. Moderation teams thought smaller meant better so it didn't seem like the community was so splintered off from one another, but even if the individual game boards were retired, I greatly feel at least the main series boards should have remained. It gave people the ability to come together for just that game or series without having to resort to Power On or General Gaming hoping to find like-minded fans to interact with, or calling them out to come to them. This may be a smaller community than NSider was, but if done right this place could certainly be better than the shape it's been left in for the past over a year or so. Could brand it better, revitalize interest in sticking around here and get new members to join up. Sadly, I don't have much faith in that happening. At least we still have "the other place", though even that seems kind of quieter than when it first started up over a year ago.
  3. Hello, world.

    the admins and entire userbase abandoned this forum when the company who owns it refused to update it, do anything with it, or give control to the actual active members we're all on a site called n i n f o r a now. it usually has ~10 active users at any given time, mostly old users as you mentioned, so it's definitely active enough to enjoy that old forum nostalgia.
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  5. RIP NS2

    y am i no longer plumber
  6. Do you like popcorn?

    It is not great
  7. Do you like popcorn?

    No, I don't like it. It get stuck in my teeth
  8. Hello, world.

    Hi, I was just thinking about the fact that there used to be a Nintendo NSider forum that got shut down, and happened to stumble upon this place while researching what became of it. It looks like this forum isn't very popular these days. I'm very interested in Nintendo and Nintendo communities, as well as their history. I'm mostly joining because I have a soft spot for dead/dying forums. At some point in my life, I developed a strange habit of going around to dead forums and trying to see if I can make an account and attempt to generate activity. I like being one of the last people to join a forum before registration is closed off or the place is shut down, and I have a feeling I'm just in time. Most of the time, the account creation fails because registration is turned off or switched to manual right before the staff disappear. Here, it actually worked. Which means this place probably died within the past year and there may still be some staff logging in every once in a while. So, I'll be monitoring the situation and watching this process unfold, because forum death in general is a topic that fascinates me. I have a somewhat weird and macabre interest in it. I suspect that a lot of people are moving to social media sites like Facebook, and also starting to prefer experiences like Skype and Discord where communication is more instant and personal due to people's decreasing attention span and the rise of texting/smartphones. The forums that are still alive are mostly a revolving door of old-timers returning, and new members are almost always refugees from defunct forums that still refuse to use social media getting herded into one of the few that still exist. You don't often see people who've never used forums before signing up for them and using them a lot. Logically, then, I would have to conclude that the forum has somehow lost or alienated its original base of members and is struggling to attract new ones. So it thus has the same problems as a brand new forum would in this day and age.
  9. What the fuck happened here?

    Have you solved it?
  10. PAX West 2016 thread

    I really like [url=https://777spinslot.com/star-fortune-slot-machine/]it[/url]
  11. PAX West 2016 thread

    This art looks great
  12. N 1 |\| 4 /-\ too.
  13. nintendo fanart i made

    I see you still like pickles.
  14. One Year After The Fall Of Nsider2

    DRAGONBALL NARRATOR: Thus concludes the age-long saga of TOAD064 jacking RAVEN_64's swag. Does it end with him awakening to his failings and his own soul? No. It ends as pathetically as it began: with our shell of a man approaching his 30's basking in an awful aura of petulance and meth use. Quite the superiority complex our Cool Kid has, yeah? Choking at the transition to adulthood, his head swole up so big to float him over harrowing waters he just couldn't swim. NSider2, a half-baked memorial to juvenile origins, makes a fitting tombstone for that kind of life, don't you think? jk lol
  15. nintendo fanart i made

    thanks for viewing
  16. One Year After The Fall Of Nsider2

    As I thought to be correct- they all left, making sure to ban anyone who actually enjoyed the forum... Just to make sure this place died for good when they hop'd on over to their own up-the-butt-forum. Who is left in charge? Who is actually here that has the ability to change this forum? This is depressing. I blame "Shrimpkid" and "Retquis" to be at fault for having ruined this forum, this memory. Here is my last sig, in honor and memory of the original Nsider Forums~
  17. I know how to save the forums

    we start a massive campaign and spread the word about the fourms. we tone down the nintendo emphasis and make it more of a general gaming fourm (playstaion, xbox, pc, etc). sub-sections for social interaction about certain topics and keep power on as the general discussion fourm. get a team of the elite moderators fit to moderator. Let me know your thoughts below.
  18. Do you like popcorn?

    Does anyone like popcorn here?Cause the last popcorn i had at the movies was bad, i didn't like it. and it hasn't been good lately. I mean, it used to be alright, but i always really want it at the movie theaer, and then it tastes too buttery or starchy. Lol, and I get full fast and it's not "the best" but i don't know, its weird lol. i only like really good popcorn.
  19. I can't find my usual font color so please excuse me. I just was curious as to what was going on in the world of NS2. I come here and it's almost completely dead. Why? What happened here? I just wanted to see some old friends maybe, but seems like a ghost town now...
  20. RIP NS2

    I think it's time to call it. You had a good run NSider2, but with the Nintendo Switch failing to ignite any energy on a Nintendo fan forum, the loading times slowing to a death crawl, and the userbase moving onto more fruitful pastures (I won't link it here, but for anyone late to the game, fruitful pastures do exist), it's over. I have no idea why I held on for all your life, because Nintendo fan forums are super lame. But it's cool it lasted as long as it did. It's a retroactive sentiment, but I look forward to hanging out with anyone on the new forums for as long as I continue to lurk. Share your final thoughts about NS2 here.
  21. PAX West 2016 thread

    PAX West (formerly PAX Prime) is coming up in a couple of weeks, and my family got me tickets to go for Saturday and Sunday. I'm pretty excited, I've never been to PAX or any comparatively big convention. Just looking at the schedule and the list of developers/games that will be there makes me want to see everything. Also here's Nintendo's line-up for the show, it's mostly indie games and upcoming 3DS games like Pokémon, Dragon Quest VII, and Yo-Kai Watch 2: http://nsider2.com/2016/08/22/pr-nintendo-brings-games-and-fun-to-pax-west-in-seattle/ It's a shame they don't mention Breath of the Wild, or the NX (though that was a longshot obviously). Is anyone else here going? Any tips or recommendations for a first-timer?
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