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  1. Last week
  2. Years later it still burns.

  3. Hello Again (from 12 years ago)

    Not that the other site is really alive either but it has some people. NS2's basically just become a shitposting dump people like I go to post bad memes.
  4. Hello Again (from 12 years ago)

    A lot of bad stuff kinda went down here a while back. Some still remain but as you can see there isn't much activity these days. Most of those who used to be active including myself have gone to a new Nintendo community called N-I-N-F-O-R-A. You have to remove the hyphens in between the letters, have to type it that way since the site admins here don't allow people recommending that site because of the fallout that killed Nsider2 one and gave rise to the other.
  5. N-I-N-F-O-R-A (Remove the hyphens)

  6. Hello Again (from 12 years ago)

    Is anyone still here? That's awesome. I remember the original nsider and how this was founded right when it closed. I was 12 when I joined lol. I'm 24 now and out of college. Man how time flies
  7. Earlier
  8. Man, the mods are shitposting now? This place has really gone down hill.
  9. My fucking heart


  10. The NSider Town Square - 9/27/16

    Seven years after I left, it turns out this thing actually died. I thought it would be at least another decade before this place fell on the knife. Shit happens.
  11. So what happened? Was it something like this? userbase purged to the point where the only users left would gladly follow some noob to his own forum userbase purged as in years of people being driven away by a message board even more restricted in content than nintendo's, and getting easily banned for no reason Some noob makes his own site and tries and take down ns2 in the process, and its simple because the only ones left are his bitches so basically, NSiders legacy is on its last legs because the owners of this site were foolish enough to leave it in the hands of someone selfish and egotistical enough to kill NSider, just because they wanted more power and more of a name for themselves? Believe it or not, some of us actually care about this place. It's been with us, despite its memory being constantly shat on to the point where we find ourselves here
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