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  3. ...through. Nsider2 will always be my best friend! ~That one Pokemon song

  4. Till the end I will be with you... We will go where our dreams come true... All the times that we have been through... Nsider 2 will always be my best friend!

  5. Under New Management

    Its hot in here
  6. Wow this is still here?

  7. sometimes stars don't cross they smack right into eachother and crack like eggs gutsack was supposed to duct tape me to a tree and crack my skin open with hard eggshells and that musclebound Nippon Professional throwing arm of his~ i was supposed to be his local yolkel. yolk rolling down my body in the invincible sun. sun caking me into a golden trophy of love i have dreams about gutsy. mouth clenches his rubber ball... saliva drips all over his face. onto the sheets. unexpected, a plastic apex is swiftly inserted, and he flinches in recoil or is that me? love can be like a mirror yknow, you forget who's who
  8. Howdy folks, Surprised? Me too, I wasn't expecting this today. But CG approached me and I feel like since this site seems pretty close to its deathbed that it needs some real leadership. For the next few months, I'll be instilling my own hand picked staff to moderate things. Most of them are not forum regulars as to remain unbiased from the current spree of drama that's running rampant across the forums. Please sit tight for the next few weeks as there will most likely be changes as I go over how the former staff were doing things and seeing what needs to be changed or modified. Of course, I appreciate all user feedback as well, so go ahead and post your concerns, I'm sure you have many. I'll take each into account, and hopefully you'll work with me to make the forum great once again.
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