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  1. Nintendo is considering aquisitions and mergers

    You know my dream game would be if Bungie teamed up with Sega and made a Sonic first person shooter where I could shoot things jumping on platforms going very fast. Wild fantasies is what this thread is about now right.
  2. Nintendo is considering aquisitions and mergers

    inb4 Kezay and "Nintendo will just use the QoL devices as a buffer to keep investors happy and will undoubtedly produce some knock out Wii U titles that will save the system later down the road using great IPs from the nineties."
  3. Rate the avatar above you.

    Sailor Moon and cat = 10
  4. Anyone from Atlanta?

    If you're caught in quicksand, float on your back. Since its mostly water, you can"swim" out.
  5. Sly Cooper movie is official, here's the trailer.

    The personalities seem to match, the writing looks about the same as the game, all that's bad is the wonky art designs. I can live with wonky art designs.
  6. Nintendo not making smartphone minigames after all

    They're still profiting at the end of quarters, just not as large a margin as they would like. That being said, Sony has been actually working to restructure the company and get it stabilized again for a while. Which makes it quite different than Nintendo's situation. But wouldn't they need western developer support to get those games on their platform anyway? theydonothing;
  7. Nintendo not making smartphone minigames after all

    Sony's not in trouble either, despite what Jeremy would have you believe. theydonothing; since when. because they have more M rated titles?
  8. Then it depends entirely on what ruler you pick and how you want to play the game. Do you want to win by eliminating all the other civilizations? Pick someone who gets war buffs and is known for their war success. Want to win by having the most resources/points at the end? Pick someone who gets research bonuses. Once you start playing, start building up up your territory as quickly as possible while building up either workers or scouts depending on if you want research or military victories. I generally go military victory. My favorite unit to build up are archers, so research the sciences that unlock them the quickest because if you keep upgrading the same Archer unit and continually build on them, you can have a very powerful army very quickly. Don't let your units die. Ever. They take up a lot of turns to build and if you let them die, total waste of turns. And that goes double for upgraded troops.
  9. Exactly why the 3DS is not "enough."
  10. Do they have $1 games on that.
  11. Yeah, I used to be able to just close my eyes and open them and I could see them. They've not bothered me for a long time now, but if I squint/focus enough I can see a couple. They're fairly normal. As I get older I expect them to return with gusto since they're only really supposed to show when the gel substance in your eyes start to degenerate.