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  1. New Diamond Shreddies!

    wtf diamonds? this is an outrage! >:(
  2. you guys on spring break get screwed

    But Easter is on a Sunday?
  3. What should I change my member title to?

    No, my member title...
  4. What skin are you using?

    At the bottom of every page there's a bar that says the name of the skin you're using, you change it from there.
  5. What skin are you using?

    I just switched to Centura.
  6. Anybody want to help me get some achievements...

    I've gotten a Killing Frenzy before, just in a social match. Same with overkill.
  7. Who do you respect more?

    Yeah, doctorfighters really don't get enough credit for how they help everyone.
  8. So I'm on youtube and get this error

    I'm not getting that error...
  9. I need your suggestions now, Power On! >:(
  10. Anybody want to help me get some achievements...

    You have to get five grenade sticks in a ranked free for all match.
  11. Today has been terrible...

    Today I stayed home from school because I was sick then slept two more hours. And now I've been on Nsider and playing Halo... that's about it.
  12. Mainly Overkill, Killing Frenzy, and Lee R Wilson Memorial. Whenever I get 4 or 5 people on Lone Wolves to help me out, there's always one or two people who screw it up just before I get the achievement. I still need all the skulls and to finish campaign, but I can always do that later. Anyone willing to help?
  13. 360 Games

    Gears of War Assassin's Creed Bully: Scholorship Edition
  14. Whatchoo playin'?

    Halo 3
  15. Thirty years from now

    I don't even play pokemon now, so I doubt I would in 30 years...