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  1. The hard choice: PS3 or 360

    If it was my choice out of those two, I'd probably pick the 360.
  2. Which GH had the best song list?

    Thats not the official list. Oh... then why did he post a fake list for us to judge?
  3. Guitar Hero>>>>>>>>>>>DDR

    Since I suck at DDR more that I do at Guitar Hero... Guitar Hero.
  4. Which GH had the best song list?

    Guitar Hero III has BYOB on it? I just saw this.
  5. I'd spam up their profile with ads if they had one. :) I think he's stalking me... he knows every thread I make... and replies to every one of them... :(
  6. What are you doing for Halloween?

    Shoot trick-or-treaters with a paintball gun. >:(
  7. Advertiser will always be the one who gets the first post. :o Discuss.
  8. Counting all my PC, PS2, DS, GB, and GBA games, I'd say that I have about 60 games.
  9. Whats you wants for Christmas?

    -God of War (PS2) -Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney (DS) -The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass (DS) and some other stuff, but that's what I can think of for now.
  10. I have a crappy Sandisk Sansa...
  11. When did you join Nsider?