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Lance's Dragonite

Smash Master
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About Lance's Dragonite

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    Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.
  • Birthday 08/19/1985

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  • Twitter Just try and catch me.
  • Facebook Pokémon Impersonator The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few...
  • Discord RIP Muhammad Ali   1942-2016 
  • Skype http://www.pepiandco.com/htmlversion/newitems.htm

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  • Gender N/A
  • Location In the Twilight Zone O_O
  • Interests RIP Robin Williams, you won't ever be forgotten. Thanks for the memories. Credit for my avatar goes to skye_writer over on Live Journal.You're free...GeniePlumber In-TrainingPerry MasonDeeply in love with Della Street :).Plumber In-TrainingPossibly married to Della Street ;).There's a little imp inside of all of us...Busy with Della ;).Forever Espeon!Blasting off, once again...

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  • Currently Playing Pokémon ORAS
  • Most Wanted Game Today, I become Death, the Destroyer of Worlds...

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