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Lance's Dragonite

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    Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.
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  1. Something I wonder about everyone...

    Sometimes this happens during a good scene on a tv show or movie, sometimes when I hear someone sing or when I see something during a basketball game or other sport. For the previous I figure it's due to good direction, or good acting, the latter, the people have got 'it' -- that something that just literally takes your breath away.
  2. Back again

    Part of it is still here. Only neg repping was removed. You can still like others posts.
  3. Of all your games...

    Don't know on most of my games, but on my Pokémon ones it's around 400+ hrs, with White version with the most overall... 1000+ hrs.
  4. General Comic Book/Webcomic discussion

    Nope, never heard of it before. What's it about?
  5. General Comic Book/Webcomic discussion

    Nice :). I like Calvin and Hobbes and FoxTrot as well. Too bad the local papers in my area stopped carrying FoxTrot :(. Idiots. Thank god the person who makes the comic has their own website where I can view them.
  6. Reading Recomendation thread

    Any Dean Koontz fans here? I just got ahold of his most recent Odd Thomas novel today from my local library, Odd Apocalypse. It's pretty good so far. Love the series as a whole. It has good dialogue, good pacing and good story lines throughout it. Also, another good series by him is the Frankenstein one. It's not quite up with the Odd Thomas one, but it's still pretty good nonetheless. The characterizations and storyline in it are pretty nicely done. a link to his site, with more info about all of the books that he's written over the years Disclaimer: from deankoontz.com
  7. General Comic Book/Webcomic discussion

    Sweet :kittenface:. I have a couple of the books and I used to have the Far Side Gallery 3, until some idiot stole it from me -_-. Now I have to shell out $16 for another copy. Thank god it's still out in print, otherwise I'd be that much more pissed off. That's really cool. Will do. Here's to hoping that they carry those in store :P.
  8. General Comic Book/Webcomic discussion

    Probably. I have to go there sometime to see if they got in anything new, it's been too long :P.
  9. General Comic Book/Webcomic discussion

    Lol, it's been awhile since I've been to it. Generally a lot of off brand comics, not too many well known ones. Once in awhile they get those in, but not too often.
  10. General Comic Book/Webcomic discussion

    Yep. Those are some good places to search. I've seen some decent comics over at my local book store before. It just takes some searching to find what you're looking for.
  11. General Comic Book/Webcomic discussion

    Cost can be one issue. Getting comics separately does add up. Sometimes I try to look for collections at my local library to read. Helps to keep costs down.
  12. General Comic Book/Webcomic discussion

    Same here with Garfield, he was the first comic I got into. Still love reading the comics all these years later :). Then I got into Marvel comics and DC ones. Haven't bought any in some time though :(. Miss reading them. Any Far Side fans here? I love Gary Larson's comics. They crack me up. Also The Argyle Sweater by Scott Hilburn is similar to the Far Side in its oddness and humor :kittenface:... Disclaimer: from theargylesweater.com
  13. General Comic Book/Webcomic discussion

    Sweet. Thanks, don't have a nook or a kindle though :(. So digital copies probably wouldn't work.
  14. General Comic Book/Webcomic discussion

    Cool, I'll do my best. Maybe they can be found at a used book store as well.
  15. Reading Recomendation thread

    I like a lot of Poe's stories as well, one of my faves by him was the Cask of Amontillado (sp?). Really good build up, suspense and tension in that story.