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Lance's Dragonite

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    Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.
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  • Interests RIP Robin Williams, you won't ever be forgotten. Thanks for the memories. Credit for my avatar goes to skye_writer over on Live Journal.You're free...GeniePlumber In-TrainingPerry MasonDeeply in love with Della Street :).Plumber In-TrainingPossibly married to Della Street ;).There's a little imp inside of all of us...Busy with Della ;).Forever Espeon!Blasting off, once again...

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  1. Yeah, this week pretty much sucked Yea it must be the weather or something. @ DonkeyKongX: Yep, and I think it's winter related :(. @ JS: What's wrong? Of course. But such is life. Yep. And so it goes. Here's to hoping that things look up from here :).
  2. I've been out of school for like a week now, and I'm off all next week too. I get so bored at home. Ah I see. You're getting cabin fever now :P.
  3. Yeah, this week pretty much sucked Yea it must be the weather or something. @ DonkeyKongX: Yep, and I think it's winter related :(. @ JS: What's wrong?
  4. Hey everyone :), so glad it's Friday... it's been a long week :kittenface:...
  5. @ JS: Finally got my Youtube account back up and running. Took forever and a day :P.
  6. Well that should be fun, eh? I haven't played that game. How is it? :P Oh right, winter. Um... read a book? Yep :). It's ok... but you have to move the Wii controller a lot O_O. My arm is sore from it :P. I like Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (Wii version) game better. I actually had fun playing that. Hard as hell at times though. I'm at a part there where I'm facing off against either Crabbe or Goyle and he keeps on spamming me with spells :o. It's a real pain. I'll have to try again to beat him next time I can check it out.
  7. Mediocre. I missed school 2 days last week and 2 days this week due to illness. I'm getting a bit better though so I went today. It was pretty fun, glad to see friends and stuff. I got bitched out by this girl on facebook though so that's some drama I have to deal with. Oh, and I get Friday off school because it's a PD day. So that's pretty cool. You? Bummer. Glad you're getting somewhat better. That's good. That isn't good. Drama isn't good at all. Awesome. I'm having a good week so far, found out that I can go over to a cousin of mine's this Saturday, so I'm really looking forward to it. And I got my ass kicked on Mario Vs. Sonic the Olympic games. Man I hate not being able to keep up with those stupid CPU players matty;...
  8. How's your week going? @ Gibi: Wow, that is pretty bad. And I thought my town was boring. The only issue here is that we only have one place in town to rent movies from, aside from our local library. And it's dang Blockbuster. :(
  9. Hey liltydude. Nm, just chillin.
  10. Hey Red. Youtube sucks. It's now official y;. What starfoxa; Just more BS from them. Having to get a verification number to get my account up and running again. They said there was some suspicious activity on it. :| The only thing I don't like... is the whole phone number business, heck I'm not even sure I got that right matty;. It's becoming more of a hassle than it's worth. *edit* Boy do I feel stupid, I was off by a number :P. Hopefully that other person will delete the message as a wrong number.
  11. Hey Red. Youtube sucks. It's now official y;.
  12. Will you keep gaming forever?

    Probably. As long as the handheld systems and the consoles are made well and there are good games to play.