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  1. It makes me mad that it only took me 3 guesses to remember my username.
  2. Teflon Don? Anyone? From the snippets, I did not like it
  3. Thoughts on drakes album. I need to take another go on it. So far my favs are the single and Up all night for me.
  4. Here are my favorite songs from the album. I've only had a couple "full" listens of the album: L.A.X Files State of Emergency My Life Money Gentleman's Affair Ya Heard (Just cause Luda absolutely murders it) Dope Boys Game's Pain
  5. So I got L.A.X. about a couple of days ago and I must say, IMO, it's a much better improvement from Doctor's Advocate, but still not as good as The Documentary.
  6. He's not coming back, Shy. It was a +1 post.
  7. I admit I am a NERD bandwagon fan.
  8. Actually needing a password to open the rar file of Food and Liquor, I finally listened to it. I just went through it listening to it, not actually listening to it, if you know what I mean. I didn't look through the lyrics as I do when I know the artist I'm listening to is lyrically gifted. Of course, I love this quote: "The ink of a scholar, is worth a thousand times more, than the blood of a martyr."
  9. I don't like Nas. Now tell me how to open a rar file, RTD, or I'll make a zombie movie of you.
  10. I have no idea how to open a rar file. And Ilmatic? Why didn't anyone suggest this to me before?
  11. Oh, you cock tease. It's a rar file. :(
  12. I'm honored that you would quote me. I'll listen to it and enjoy it, you suck.