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  1. Gaming injuries - ever get any?

    My pinky hurts if I play TF2 too long (because of crouching) and my thumb used to hurt when playing N64 due to those analog sticks that cut into your thumb.
  2. Does anyone knoe how long it takes to download...

    That's not an option. ETA? What is that? It's an abbv of "Estimated time of arrival". It shows how much time your download has left in dd:hh:mm:ss
  3. What do YOU listen to music with?

    On my PC, I use WMP 11 with a pair of Everglide Gaming Headphones, and on my iPod I use a $3 pair of earbuds from Big Lots.
  4. Does anyone knoe how long it takes to download...

    IIRC, there's an ETA on the download.