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  1. "Project Cafe" (Stream) Info/Speculation 5/2/11

    finally, interactive pornography can feel real
  2. "Project Cafe" (Stream) Info/Speculation 5/2/11

    Hollywood (Wii's GPU) was an entirely different GPU which likely needed its own production line
  3. I just nostalgia'd everywhere, OOT3DS Opening

    everything is rendered with polygons. do you realize how much of the backdrops in ocarina are 2D sprites? Yes, but in the end it's not enough of an improvement to use an orgasm metaphor for
  4. I just nostalgia'd everywhere, OOT3DS Opening

    They should've changed it up a bit. Without my nostalgia goggles on, this is the exact same intro except that the textures are oversaturated and the moon looks crappy.
  5. Your Dream Job?

    A professional profession-decider.
  6. "Project Cafe" (Stream) Info/Speculation 5/2/11

    I invoke Moore's Law. You plan for what will be available for your launch date, not when you're developing it. Remember, the Xbox 360 and PS3 and multicore CPU's before most computers had even dual-core CPU's. But Nintendo's pockets don't run as deep as Sony and Microsoft's, so they likely either couldn't afford to license cutting-edge tech at the time, or they couldn't afford to develop it quick enough to be ready for the SDK's release
  7. Do You Drink Coffee?

    So? seattle is known for its coffee
  8. Do You Drink Coffee?

    I don't like coffee nor tea y;
  9. Sonic

    Damn you, stealing all of Buffalo and Rochester's Sonics
  10. Considering buying this laptop

    You should look for one that comes with a Sandy Bridge CPU. You can tell the difference between Nehalem and SB by the digits in the CPU model. Sandy Bridge has 4 digits and Nehalem has 3. SB is newer and uses less power with 20% more performance per clock. Also, since the 460M doesn't support NVidia Optimus, your battery will drain very quickly even if you're just browsing the web.
  11. Sonic

    No Sonics anywhere near me but they still advertise here.
  12. "Project Cafe" (Stream) Info/Speculation 5/2/11

    They probably started working with AMD on the GPU back when RV700 was current (that's only 3 years ago, the console has been rumored to be in development about as long), and they piled all of their specializations on top of that, not Evergreen. Same reason they used the crappy PICA200 for their 3DS.
  13. "Project Cafe" (Stream) Info/Speculation 5/2/11

    nevermind already posted
  14. How much has the internet...

    I guess it just made me realize that it's not crazy to not believe in a god. But it also made me hate Atheists and people who shove their beliefs down other people's throats in general.
  15. Post Your Personality Type!

    Opened it up, saw a bunch of questions, closed it. Hey, this quiz works for ADD, too.