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Mr. Game & Watch
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    I ran like a cheetah with thoughts of an assassin

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  1. So, you got an NS2 award did you?

    nothing at all :)
  2. Who has the coolest Username on NS2?

    Lol FailureFlinger. Seriouslyz, what a failure at life. Oh, and error404:squirrelnotfound = best screen name evar. ******, attacking me behind my back. :| told you he was here
  3. The Christmas Tree

    real, bought from lot.
  4. nsider icon thread

    so that's two people that need it D:
  5. What are your Firefox quick-links?

    none lol
  6. nsider icon thread

    thanks for the help.
  7. nsider icon thread

    does anyone know where it is on these forums? the search function doesn't work, but maybe it's bookmarked or something for some of guys, so yeah.
  8. Rate the nostalgia!!! (1-10)

    3 i barely remember
  9. House Negros

    could be true, but unlikely.
  10. Keyboard for Blondes

    i need the thread with all the old nsider icons.
  11. What do you think of the girl in my sig?

    her eyes are small, but she's ok.
  12. on this forum with all the old nsider icons can have a 1000 rupees or more. PLEASE
  13. Reminiscening Nsider. :(

    you don't have individual icons though, just pages.