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Knights of HyruleKnights of Hyrule
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  1. lol

  2. lol

    That was me yeah, what a .
  3. Rise Against

  4. ITT...

    You should be the first to leave this thread then.
  5. Dammit Door_Cat ;_;

    stop saying naughty words im trying to concentrate here. kthx
  6. Rise Against

    lol No.
  7. Dammit Door_Cat ;_;

    symer sucks cock discuss
  8. Let's pretend Melee just came out.

    It did, 'cept its name was changed to Brawl. :^D

    smash smash smash smash halo sucks dick i mean all you do is kill ppl with wepons and then they die brawl is so good it has story,online, and multiplayer halo's story is gay brawl is the best game ever :| :| :| >:^U halo sucks it has crappy online brawl has way better online you :| :| :| :| :|
  10. what is you're favorite smily?

    :| ;) :P = Lame :( = God

    you brawl rules you suck gtfo you :|
  12. Hurry the hell up mom D:<

    No you don't.
  13. Oh crap

    Lol. Win. :^D