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  1. What's the Dankest Shit you ever Smoked?

    Due to allegations that we do not care about this board I have decided that this topic should be pinned to prove otherwise. I hope that this will help encourage the creation of more great topics on this board in the future.
  2. i remember being stuck with the kong rank for three years or something dark times
  3. ~ theycallmefave's Ink Shop o' Fun ~

    Hey. I've got another sig request. Could you have this pic on the right of the sig, keeping the "jackpot" quote intact, and just have some cool looking redish coloured background for it? Oh, and slap my name 'Baboonisnow' on it wherever. Thanks.
  4. ~ theycallmefave's Ink Shop o' Fun ~

    Fin. Wow! You're damn good. Oo Screw the usual charge, I'll give you 200 rupees for it.
  5. ~ theycallmefave's Ink Shop o' Fun ~

    I love your sigs. Can I make a request? I've been in need of a good sig for a while now. >_> Could I have this pic of Haruhi on the right hand side of the sig? Here. (without the 'rendered by HS'). Then I would like this to be on the left hand side of the sig. I would like this for the background. Here. Oh, and slap my name anywhere you feel it looks best. Just make the font style and color fit with the background and I'll be happy. As for height, maybe something a bit smaller than Zerotail's sig in height would be good. That's all.
  6. Those are some of the worst percentages I have seen to date. You also missed a bunch of characters that have a decent chance.
  7. The Official "OH MY GOSH SONIC" thread

    He is in. Check the Deutsch site people. No joke.
  8. As if any one doubted it

    Haha! We all know why. Let the crashing of the internet, COMMENCE!
  9. As if any one doubted it

    Check the Deutsch site people. He is in.
  10. Still any G&W doubters?

    Mr Game And Watch is in. No ifs, or buts, he is in. K? good.
  11. let's say for a minute Vaati is playable

    He would look badass with a more realistic look, and we need more badasses.
  12. Who will be in the Smash? - Round One

    None Krystal Ridley Tingle Sonic