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Space Pirate
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  1. I am confused

    Not so much their overall sound, but their lyrical approach. They went from just general songwriting to jumping on the anti-Bush bandwagon, popular opinion says. I never really paid attention to Green Day, and I doubt I'll start. Minority's been a favorite of theirs' for me, though. That is true. =\. Has anyone gotten the new album? I've yet to come across it, and I'm too lazy to download it.
  2. Girly things you do

    ROFL. Nothing that I know of.
  3. I am confused

    I don't see how Green Day sold out to mainstream. They have barely changed since they started, from what I've seen, and they still make the simple catchy 3-chord songs they always have.
  4. Whose idea was this?

    Ask Mario.
  5. Nice way to start a day.

    I was going to get that but my crappy walmart doesnt have it.
  6. Nice way to start a day.

    Lol, this. Lawl. I actually cut all that off a month ago.
  7. Nice way to start a day.

    I don't think I wasted money if I enjoy the music. Correct. Last CD I bought? ... ****. shy; LOL
  8. Nice way to start a day.

    Well I saw it coming... So I guess I was prepared. I don't think I wasted money if I enjoy the music.
  9. Nice way to start a day.

    Same here.
  10. Nice way to start a day.

    Yeah North Carolina is weird lol.
  11. Nice way to start a day.

    Its raining, my girlfriend dumped me (lololololol). And I have absolutely nothing to do right now. Lets make this thread have a point. What was the last cd you bought with money and didn't download? =P I got a Green Day Cd the other day
  12. I listen to alot of music. But I guess I would say punk rock or something.