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  1. Anime Discussion Thread

    Gonna watch king of kongs today, love me a good documentary
  2. Anime Discussion Thread

    From the inventors of the shamwow, we bring you deo in a bubble
  3. Anime Discussion Thread

    old white people
  4. Anime Discussion Thread

    I really dont like pudding I AM DOOM ;-; D: yes you are
  5. Anime Discussion Thread

    Elaborate. Covered in chocolate, sticky, and endorsed by cosby
  6. Anime Discussion Thread

    Sex is like pudding
  7. Anime Discussion Thread

    Give me a college degree.
  8. Anime Discussion Thread

    Back after 30 page paper and 30 minute speech. I'm dead k
  9. Anime Discussion Thread

    My main issue was shield smashing in tp wii, it sucked.
  10. Anime Discussion Thread

    No u. Well it is. I've been lurking cause I'm doing bio reading and all it's been for the last hour is whether one should pay for Cave Story or not. Sounds like a legit argument to me. :|
  11. Anime Discussion Thread

    The only issue now is that it's on consoles, so it's trying to appeal to another market. Overall to me its the same as name your price sites, essentially you can get it free, or you can pay more if you think its worth it.
  12. Anime Discussion Thread

    Not really. Paying money for a free game. I can make the same argument about any game I can find on the internet for download. It's more about 1, getting the graphical updates for people who really loved the game, 2 enjoying the game again, 3 showing support for the creator. It's no different from buying a port of something you already have.
  13. Anime Discussion Thread

    Did you sign off of msn divi? o.o
  14. Anime Discussion Thread

    JUNI. Do you have MSN? Yes, prjuni@hotmail.com