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    Goodbye JoJo

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  1. Well, I'm out.

    See ya JoshEh! May you do great things and what not. You'll occasion thread would be missed. You added a ton of disscusion, and so what if a lot of people don't pay attention to you? No one has any idea who I am. y; Regardless, good luck to ya.
  2. You to both exceed any trolling anyone has ever done on this site. I would ask you to teach me your trolling ways... But that's againest the rules... That you posted.... as a giant troll.... So that would... uh mean.... um..... Uh.... IT SEEMS I AM LIVING IN A PARADOX! AT LEAST, I THINK I AM! MAYBE!
  3. Wait.... So this list is a one giant troll post? "Bout how to deal with trolls? Posted on another site... And it was taken seriously? So you mean to tell me... You trolled everyone by posting a trolling list 'bout how to avoid trolls?
  4. Confusing Advert

    It's very hard, especially when this one is claiming such blasphemy.
  5. Confusing Advert

    ... Guys, this is like the 2nd time I've encountered a troll... WHAT DO I DO!?
  6. Confusing Advert

    ...... I'm concerned. Please tell me he's joking. Or trolling. Please.