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  1. My Nintendo sucks

    Agreed. It seems like the intention was the streamline the process using digital rewards. However, when the rewards are digital games no one cares about, discounts off games we probably already own, etc., it just isn't very good. Which isn't to say the system is irreedemable: fixing it was quite straightforward. Just give us rewards to care about and tasks that can be completed ingame that isn't miitomo. Like, idk, do something where if you update your castle and obtain 50 visitors in Fates you get a free map or an extra copy of Anna's Rewards.
  2. I'm bored. AMA for next few hours.

    My professor last year really disliked Wolfram Alpha. Before then? If I had to think about an integral/derivative for more than 10 seconds, into wolfram alpha it wnet.
  3. *hugs* whatcha getting your brother for tomorrow?
  4. Out of curiosity, can you cite a dubbed song from a video game that's a song you liked? The factor you can't get around is that most game localization don't have time or budget to justifying paying for a high quality dub. Yes, something like "99 red balloons" exists. Here's the thing: that was a stand-alone song. I can't recall a good video game song dub off the top of my hand, except when: A.) the song was an arrangement in an separate album, so they created an English version (i.e. arranged a new melody)--e.g. Distant World's Suteki de Na; B.) The vocals were barely there to begin with (e.g. see Final Fantasy VI's opera scene or animal crossing's Kapp'n songs). I don't count the former because these new arrangements made from the ground-up for a release in a separate album, without being tailored to the specifics of the game. The distant world's version of Suteki de Na, for example, is nearly a minute longer than two two versions in the game proper. Adding a few notes may not be trivial either: localization companies do not have music arrangers on hand (why would they need them) so would either need to hire someone stateside or coordinate with the original studio for, what is after all, a few syllables; that's assuming no legal issues come up (this is the music industry, legal snarls are everywhere). Realistically, for most songs, you'll either have a sub-par dub or deal with the original sub. There's a reason why the localization industry has generally settled on the latter option. When considering what his historically been done with dubbed media, such as video games and anime (i.e. media that isn't music proper), as well as considering the budget constraints of most localization firms, high quality song dubs that can readily be substituted into a game never seem like a possibility.
  5. I meant in a "dub vs sub" sort of way. As in, if the song isn't relevant to the story, just do subtitles where annotations can help provide context, lyrics don't need to match melody, and otherwise get the job done. E.g. see 95% of anime openings. I'm probably not the only person who wouldn't want to see every (or hell, even most) anime openings/endings dubbed, for example.
  6. I'm bored. AMA for next few hours.

    it's the "i'm stuck doing physics forever" cult mask.
  7. I'm bored. AMA for next few hours.

    married him becuase he was the only gay option. he wasn't a bad husbandou, and on the Nohr side I think Laslow is maybe the only other person worth considering. Leo is slightly more okay that he ended up being my revolation husbandou, but hoshido has kaden and hinata and ergo better. Or for a complete list
  8. I'm bored. AMA for next few hours.

    he has facial hair. facial hair is unattractive.
  9. Put it this way: If you wanted to translate Lost in Thoughts All Alone while keeping the lyrics more or less communicating the same information the Japanese version did while also playing the syllables on the right notes, how would you translate it? Now hard mode: you can't alter the animation in the opera house scenes (but otherwise, you may alter notes, but only if do so consistently across all songs that the lyrics of Lost in Thoughts All Alone appears in, notably the final boss theme) I'm not saying it's impossible, but given the tumultuous task a competent presentation is all I really wanted and competent is exactly what I got.
  10. I'm bored. AMA for next few hours.

    i'm bored. let's bump this for a night. but zora, why did you bump this thread? because I was bored gosh darn it.
  11. Nah, just make the weapons more balanced. Fates had the right idea since breakable-ness added nothing to the game other than inventory management. The problem is that it made using silver and special weapons so punishing that there was no reason to use them. Like, many weapons lower your states after using them, but since most of the killing happens on the enemy's turn anyway, you don't want to use a weapon like that repeatedly. Making sure 1-2 range weapons (except daggers) don't allow follow-up attacks was a smart idea imo. Something that might work is keep basic weapons (e.g. bronze and maybe iron) as unbreakable and make higher weapons breakable but not punishing to use. I mostly quoted you since I didn't want to deal with ignore list shenanigans necessary to quote the person you were quoting (weaver?).
  12. I don't mind the song, however, given that they were more or less forced to translate it. Songs almost never worked when translated: you either hear it in the intended language or you're going to be getting something noticeably subpar. Which isn't to say you shouldn't translate songs; rather, you shouldn't translate songs with the intent of making a good song--especially if the song is poetic (the Japanese version of Lost in Thoughts Along counts as poetic). Which leads to a general rule: if the lyrics are plot important, translate the song for the sake of story; if the lyrics are irrelevant to the plot, do not touch the song. While an argument can be made that the lyrics of Lost in Thoughts Alone wasn't especially plot-heavy, I still felt like translating it was the right idea given how still serves a function of foreshadowing albeit not much else. Based on a translation of the Japanese song as well as the general mood of the melody, I honestly felt Fates did as well as it could with those lyrics. Granted, someone who can understand Japanese proper can be a better critic, but overall, I'm okay with the final product. Because of Fates' weapon system, I still found myself using iron weapons and 1-2 range weapons all the time without the hassle of replenishing them. Breakable weapons really isn't a good gameplay mechanic. About the only weapons I find myself actually considering using and trying to ration are the "lord" weapons (e.g. rapier); and even then, it's not like those weepons breaking are a huge inconvenience anyhow.