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  1. ♥~* Politics Containment Thread *~♥

    reality? what reality? I probably won't respond because whatever you say will do far more embarrassment then I could ever imagine
  2. ♥~* Politics Containment Thread *~♥

    Her record's important to be sure, but it makes for a difficult point of comparison when Trump lacks a political record altogether. The only reason why I find Clinton's speech ultimately more palatable is because it's mostly positive whereas Trump's speech had a more fearful tone. She's basically said next to nothing, other than maybe a sentiment here and there. The most concrete thing she's said is that she wants to overturn Citizens United through an amendment, which she already said a few weeks ago. oh boy. "I believe in science." can't wait to eat this one up. will edit in thoughts later. Edit: Basically Clinton reaffirming she believes ACC is a thing (which isn't hard when 3 out of 4 candidates do) and that, unlike Johnson, wants to do something like it. Okay, whatever. Her only competition is Stein, and lolgreen.
  3. ♥~* Politics Containment Thread *~♥

    so, time to place bets on how much I'll regret watching Clinton's speech Mostly because I hate bullshit. But it's politics, so what am I gonna do?
  4. ♥~* Politics Containment Thread *~♥

    Spoliering becuse I think what I wrong is too long.
  5. i think he's implying you should get this.
  6. Netflix Discussion

    I use netflix to watch Star Trek almost exclusively. not original programming by any shot, but it's relatively convenient to access so I use it.
  7. ♥~* Politics Containment Thread *~♥

    lol double post.
  8. ♥~* Politics Containment Thread *~♥

    I don't want this thread to spend too much time on both email issues. in regards to wikileaks, i can't say any actual email furnished actually enlightened me on what was going on. Hell, the speculation that the DNC was pro-Clinton seemed so putative before the leak that the mere prospected of having 20,000 emails as evidence seemed like hitting the ball out of the park. The only two emails I've seen cited so far was one talking about Sanders and making a narrative, which later mentioned the DNC's hands were tied because of the impartial-ness rule (i.e. they could speculation on what narrative to create, but they can't actually publish it). The other email was one asking Sander's religion, which only seems damaging when you take into account the fact coming out as atheist is political suicide. The DNC made no clear intention of what to do with the information, and while that email still is suspect, not so much that I can't honestly say my entire political purview has been uprooted by the prospect that oh hey, guess what, the DNC liked Clinton more. In regards to Clinton's private email server: the entire issue seems like one blown out of proportion just because the prospect of disqualification was there. Any politician is going to be make mistakes when in office long enough--especially one with a record such as Clinton's--the question isn't if but rather when and how severe. And if the worst Clinton has done has sent emails on a private server, then that actually seems like a very good track record all things considered. But as I said, the only reason people care about Clinton's private email server is the fact the prospect of disqualification was there, and perhaps moreover, Clinton was an outlier in that most government citizens using private email servers would be disqualified from being in a similar position. However, once the story became politicized the FBI couldn't help but to not give a politicized decision. Succinctly, I consider both email issues to be a distraction all things considered. I don't want to comment on Trump on the moment; I'm sure others will have more to say.
  9. Typically what people are complaining about is if the villain is (not) obvious as much as if they were given the proper amount of foreshadowing. Like, nobody claims the literal instance of "it was the dog" to be well-written, since typically such a story would require conjecturing that the dog is capable of manipulating the characters in the story. At the same time, nobody is offended that Darth Vadar is the bad guy, because it's never suggested he's the good buy (in episode IV, anyway).
  10. Fire Emblem figure announcements

    needs more kaden/10.
  11. Went to the dentist today. And I know what you're all thinking: no, they didn't give me mind-washing drugs.
  12. damn it sarah. now i want pizza.
  13. I like the original gundam's opening for it's sheer corniness. nothing else quite reminds it's 1979.