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  1. Chrom attempted to have us migrate elsewhere, CG fired him and hired Mao in his place, Mao and co are engaging in shits and giggles. I think that's the tl;dr version. Feel free to comment.
  2. I guess Iri did take gen chem in college. Maybe hw cab help.
  3. Do I look like a chemist? Where's thoughtstars when you need him.
  4. *grabs popcorn* okay, time to finish stat mech and figure out the second order variation and hope mathematica didn't shit itself because it dose that sometimes.
  5. idk. I don't care too much, tbh. I like to be able to speak my mind even if I say dumb shit. which is funny, because like 6-7 years ago was like "but what if i hurt someone's feelings." Now I'm like "whatever." working for a college bureaucracy does wonders for the amount of tomfoolery you're used to dealing with. like tomorrow having to figure out how my second job can finally pay me while still making it look like I only work 20 hours because lol, ain't nobody can do that here. also, who the hell is monheim?
  6. TUMF is angry at me because I implied (or outright stated) he deserved his embarrassment for suggesting Mario might appear in Fates because the Mouth of Truth is Roman ergo Italy. or was it some other embarrassment? fuck, i don't remember.
  7. but i need to concern myself with finding a second order variation to show a function maximizes a functional and then doing something stat mech that I don't even remember. but okay :x