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  1. Anime Discussion Thread

    Getting my one post per chat thread. See you in the next thread.
  2. Hello everyone, again!

    I would say a lot of things have changed around here in two years... ...but The more things change, the more they stay the same. :/ So yeah...welcome back.
  3. Words that sound dirty but aren't

    I always cringe when I hear/read this word. Man...
  4. Do You Drink Coffee?

    Coffe is gross. Walking into a Starbucks is like walking into a room full of smokers.
  5. Hi! I'm new

    Another wolf joins the pack of Nsider2. Welcome. Good hunting my friend.

    Hi? Bye? Welcome...i think...
  7. whats ur favorite fast food place?

    MMMMMMMMMMMMMM I WANT SOME NOW Oh and I forgot... The better alternative to Chipotle! theydonothing;
  8. Hi again

    You know I vaguely recall the story... Interesting... :) Welcome back!
  9. Helloooo

    Hello alternate account and welcome to Nsider2! Enjoy it while it lasts. ;)
  10. huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuHEY

    Interesting name. We should start a thread where people reveal the origins to their names. Welcome fenderbenderboy! :)
  11. Is it possible to have a flashback in a flashback?

    That was a great video. :D And yes...flashbacks within flashbacks are totally possible and plausible.
  12. Win Win

    That actually looks really good. Plus...I love Holly from the office, so her involvement makes me want to see this even more.
  13. Chappy birthday, Charlie

    Feel better yet Militia? Nah, I think you need a few more jokes and jabs at me. Why don't you invite IMGF and Ret as well? They sure love talking about me. ^_^ A love triangle. :3 Awwww Anyways....I didn't know you were Jacob back then. I actually gained some respect back for you. *high five*
  14. Chappy birthday, Charlie

    Usually when there is a typo in the opening line....many more are to follow. Didn't want to risk it. Moving on...
  15. Chappy birthday, Charlie

    I stopped reading there.