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Cid Highwind

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  • Currently Playing Final Fantasy IV
  • Most Wanted Game Zelda: Breath of the Wild
  1. Leafia used Play Rough! It's Super Effective!
  2. According to wiki, it's a gag/widget OVA featuring Type-Moon characters. Like, yannow, Fate/Stay Night, but with weird Japanese comedy.
  3. You shouldn't have said that...
  4. Weird/strange/funny things about yourself

    I sometimes hear people calling my name when nobody's doing that. Hell, I hear people from my family calling my name when none of them are around.
  5. Actually, they supposedly drink the blood of most farm animals. Pigs, cattle, chicken... The list goes on and on. Of course, since the "real" chupacabras are actually just coyotes or foxes with mange, it makes sense for them to go after farm animals - they're otherwise too weak to take on their usual wild prey.
  6. Are you some kinda chupacabra or somethin'?
  7. That's before they get all soggy, dude.
  8. And it gets all soggy and eeeuuuugh
  9. Why would you ruin some perfectly fine Cinnamon Toast Crunch with gross milk matty;
  10. I need some cinnamon toast crunch now :U
  11. Florida. It's too late for a pizza now, though :(
  12. It's 1:00 AM where I live, dude. I doubt they'd make delivery's at this time.