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    Tiki is my waifu-P
  • Birthday 06/30/1990

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  • Gender Male
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  • Interests Video games and anime.

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  • Currently Playing The game... the one that'll take me to my end... I'm waiting for the rain... to wash who I am...
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  1. Games You Enjoyed From This Gen

    Wii: *Brawl *UR MR GAY *Twilight Princess *Metroid Prime 3 *Pokemon Battle Revolution *No More Heroes *Tales of Symphonia 2 *Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn *Mario Kart Wii DS: *Super Mario 64 DS *New Super Mario Bros. *Yoshi's Island DS *Kirby Squeak Squad *Kirby Super Star Ultra *Final Fantasy III *Final Fantasy IV *Luminous Arc *Phantom Hourglass *Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon *Chrono Trigger *Pokemon Pearl *Pokemon Mystery Dungeon *PMD2 *Metroid Prime Hunters *Mario Kart DS
  2. Favorite Nsider

    Am I part of that half?
  3. Favorite Nsider

    ZoraPrime, but he's a friend IRL so no one else really had a competition to being with.
  4. I don't get it.

    Frankly, I'm quite surprised that a certain Rick Astley song isn't #1.
  5. ITT:Types Of People Who Annoy You.

    Retarded people who drool, bang their heads against walls, scream, and **** their pants. I had to ride the bus to school with those people for ten years.
  6. Pixar vs. Dreamworks

    I, for one, prefer the works of Pixar over that of Dreamworks. Discuss.
  7. 4,000.

    I just made my 4000th post. That's worth making a thread for, right? Or is it reserved for multiples of 10,000? Whatever.
  8. The truth about Sonic games

    Brawl is the best game that Sonic has ever been in.