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    Tiki is my waifu-P
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  1. Colony 6 - Official NS2 Chat Thread

    Hot dayum, is it Tim Curry time already?
  2. Colony 6 - Official NS2 Chat Thread

    *Cavaliers ride mooses instead of horses. *Wyverns and Pegasi are replaced with Canada Geese. *Manaketes are replaced with Beaver Laguz. *Instead of Sword > Axe > Lance, the weapon triangle is Hockey Stick > Axe > Cheap Pill Bottle. *Terrance and Phillip are the Christmas Knights. *Colin Mochre is the early-game mercenary who ends up being one of the best units in the game. *Magic works exactly the same way as in South Park: The Stick of Truth. *Staffs are replaced with Bongs.
  3. Colony 6 - Official NS2 Chat Thread

    I'd be part of the Laguz Alliance, only instead of furries, I'd be fighting to liberate lolicons from the oppressive rule of the Normal***s.
  4. Colony 6 - Official NS2 Chat Thread

    My Shulk poster came in the mail today. Along with ten other losers who I don't care about.
  5. Colony 6 - Official NS2 Chat Thread

    Canada seems like a good place to live, but given the amount of lolicon hentai on my computer, I don't think I'd be welcome there.
  6. Colony 6 - Official NS2 Chat Thread

    "Why can't you be more like my grandson? He understands that nicknames are fucking stupid. Isn't that right, DICKS?"
  7. Colony 6 - Official NS2 Chat Thread

    It spawned this: