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    Tiki is my waifu-P
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  1. Mao's Hut of Cats & Panthers

    I like how CG deleted my bunnies thread, but left my general porn thread alone.
  2. Mao's Hut of Cats & Panthers

    Here, have a cookie.
  3. So, what are you guys' favorite genres of porn? Favorite pornstars? Favorite hentai artists? Or do you have any general things that piss you off in porn? I've got plenty! >browsing a porn site >click the "anime" or "hentai" section >literally half the page is thumbnails of Marge Simpson getting assfucked by Fred Flintstone or other western shit >have a glasses fetish >find a video tagged "glasses" >the girl takes her glasses off halfway through the sex scene >browsing SadPanda >find a set with a decent-looking cover >check the tags >"futanari, scat, netorare, inflation, guro..." I made this thread because the chat thread called me out on it, but am refraining from posting any explicit material until I get permission from whatever qualifies as a mod in the site's current state.
  4. Mao's Hut of Cats & Panthers

    What's a Game Grump?
  5. Mao's Hut of Cats & Panthers

    A horse on Rosalina as those tight jockey pants are around her ankles.
  6. Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE Review

    Hashtag Effie is a better Fire Emblem game than Fates.
  7. Mao's Hut of Cats & Panthers

    I have a theory that the amount of activity on this site is proportional to how corrupt the lead admin is. Hence, why there was a massive surge of activity during the Shrimpy saga, but has been in decline since Chrom took over.
  8. Mao's Hut of Cats & Panthers

    When's Biggest in NS2?
  9. Mao's Hut of Cats & Panthers

    I've heard that streaming a rhythm game is pretty hard in general because the capture software causes lag that can fuck up your button inputs.
  10. Mao's Hut of Cats & Panthers

    Sometimes I get a little bit depressed knowing that billions of years from now, the sun will explode and engulf the earth in a fiery apocalypse. All records of mankind's achievements from throughout history will be gone in an instant, and there will be no remaining evidence that life ever existed at all. And then billions of years after that, the heat death of the universe will ensure that nothing else will ever be able to exist again. But then I remember that this also means the Rainbow Slug sidequest in Xenoblade will be gone, too, and then all of a sudden everything is perfectly fine.
  11. Mao's Hut of Cats & Panthers

  12. Mao's Hut of Cats & Panthers

    Why? Is Windows 10 a good lay?