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  1. I'm bored. AMA for next few hours.

    How often do you resist the urge to use Wolfram Alpha (instead of integrating and/or differentiating by hand)?
  2. how's being an 8=D, necro-dono
  3. Happy birthday! Hopefully you can have all the things a Dragonite could want.
  4. Good luck! Also, hi chat thread.
  5. Well, I hope the ups way cancel out the downs! In that situation, I'd just wait for the morning for coffee, but your call. Also remember how bright Colorado morning sun is lol
  6. Yeah, it's best to hope things work out for the best. Maybe wait a day and then call and verify that the package was received? I've been watching Yuuki Yuna is a Hero on Netflix -- it's a magical girls show.
  7. Yeah, that sounds like they really messed up. I hope it makes it there in one piece. I'm good; probably going to finish a show today instead of doing something productive with my time
  8. Hello, chat thread! How's it going? It seems like there's actually quite a bit of activity today.
  9. I am really looking forward to Digimon Tri movie 3, and that should come out in September, I believe.
  10. can't, i gotta be elitist 0| you wouldn't understand you populist anime viewing punnkkkkkk fire's my anime hostage too 0|||| (in all seriousness, I'll probably try to watch all the parts of Kizu together -- hopefully after seeing koyomi)
  11. but isoooooo i can't be an edgelord if i watch kizu too close to its release *pouts* buuuuuu
  12. now incinerate it with physics mwahahahahhahaha
  13. no muffins for zoras zoras only get physics hmph
  14. Sarah your signature is too distractingggggg ;___________;