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  1. Zora, you're in a graduate science program. You're not allowed to understand things, bro
  2. I'll try to recommend you a variety of stuff and you can decide if any of it catches your fancy. Snow White with the Red Hair (fantasy series set in medieval times following a redhaired girl named Shirayuki, who is a herbalist/pharmacist by training) 91Days (A young boy named Angelo loses his parents to the mafia, and years later, he's wanting to seek revenge. But this revenge tale isn't so straightforward.) Casshern Sins (a subversion of superhero stories; Casshern, the main character, is thrust into a world in ruin as someone prone to mysterious fits of rage) Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! (some fuckup dies and is sent to a game world where he must fight the evil lord-thing; an entertaining, often hilarious watch) Ushio to Tora (one day a teen boy named Ushio accidentally releases the ancient demon Tora; they begin living together, but there's some tension over the whole Tora wanting to eat Ushio thing...) Knights of Sidonia (Sidonia is one of the last bastions of humanity, protecting it from horrible monsters called Gauna; soldiers equipped with mechas are send to fight these Gauna, and protect Sidonia) Sunday without God (Ai Astin, a twelve year old girl, has grown up in a world abandoned by God; the dead walk restlessly among the living and must be put to sleep by "gravekeepers") Ben-to (People fighting in supermarkets over discounted lunches; a hilarious take on fighting animaymays)
  3. There's been many enjoyable shows out since then. What sorts of shows do you like? And are you willing to try out new things? I could throw together a list for you, if you'd like.
  4. 3-gatsu is a manga by Chica Umnio, who is superb at both writing and art, so it follows that its anime would look nice too. Duhhhh. (That said, I need to read more of the manga, and maybe learn shogi on the side.)
  5. chica umino and yuki midorikawa are kami-sama's gift to humanity, i already know
  6. You guys allergic to posting or something? Today, I started Silver Spoon season two, and so far it's been delightful. Episode one took a few minutes to build the atmosphere, but then I could feel it wrapping me gently, like I was wearing a snug blanket. Not that Hachiken has much time to ponder that amidst musings on love, and the cold 5 AM air. "Life" by Fujifabric is the left slice of bread, and "Oto No Naru Hou E" is the right slice of bread, creating the perfect sandwich. But, I do not eat pork, so kindly without bacon, please.
  7. Ancient Magus Bride episode one was fantastic, but it's set to air in a spread out fashion, so we won't see ep 3 until Fall 2017.
  8. Double-posting like a monster. Have you guys been reading any good manga lately? RG Veda and Taiyou no Ie are both delightful shoujo mangas -- nothing really in common between the two, asides from some musings about what home really is. Just yesterday I also finished Wish, which was pretty good.
  9. You'll have to show some wicked juggling to kids first. (Don't take that the wrong way, people.)
  10. 91 Days, now featuring 250% more Mexican ponchos.
  11. I left for a short while and the activity has been pitiful, so I"m here again. (Is that illogical? Maybe. Probably. Definitely. Oh well.) Hello everyone. I'm approximately brain dead because of how many essays I had to write. How goes it?
  12. I'm bored. AMA for next few hours.

    How often do you resist the urge to use Wolfram Alpha (instead of integrating and/or differentiating by hand)?