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  1. That sounds neat. I actually saw Knights of Sidonia season one pretty recently, so I'll keep this in mind. That also reminds me to watch season two of Sidonia.
  2. It's a humorous and fun show that's definitely worth a shot. Mob Psycho 100 mixes a colorful palette with an especially creative aesthetic, so it's nice to look at too. The premise essentially revolves about a middle schooler named Mob who apparently has some supernatural powers -- and he solves various mysteries. At least, that was my impression from episode one. (Haven't seen episode two yet.)
  3. now that's a tall order does pizza taste different when there is no a/c? do tell
  4. Bel confirmed for Dollars member. Anyone disagree?
  5. Just read the last several pages, and oh god that was painful to read. Well, thank you, RNC, I guess?
  6. You've never tried to make me play TitS, Zora, so you're a disappointment.
  7. Saw Little Witch Academia movie 1 today. Its colorful, creative style is certainly in line with the usual Trigger aesthetic -- beyond that, the atmosphere appears to draw from Disney animated films, especially Sleeping Beauty, while offering a charismatic sense of humor. It was a good movie, and I'm sure I'll get to movie 2 in 6 months or a year or two. (Heck, the show will probably be out by then)
  8. Dash is a monster. A complete monster. Don't fall for his lies, everyone.
  9. Yeah, recuperate with K-ON season two first. I can assure you if you enjoyed season one, you'll love season two. Definitely watch the movie after that -- the movie is probably the best of the K-On series.
  10. The simplest explanation is that those are not long titles to Japanese viewers -- only American viewers. Some people claim it's because light novels just are addicted to long titles (OreGairu Snafu is another example), but AnoHana is an anime-original story. And then there's a manga like BokuMachi (which most people refer to as ERASED). Maybe the Japanese are secretly innovative in stuffing the show's premise into the title. Who knows.
  11. Yeah...those feels....I actually had not really noticed the music so much until you pointed it out. (Once upon a time ago, I didn't watch shows with earphones/headphones, so I was not as perceptive with music.) But it certainly is quite powerful now that I notice it.
  12. Iso, are you trying to convince me to finish my Toradora rewatch or something? If so, you're doing a good job of it!