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  1. Anime Discussion Thread

    Oh, I getcha. IT TOOK MY SISTER DAMMIT. Oh no, your sister enjoys something. Graaah that's the worst ever ...I'm gonna not get drawn into this, actually. Instead I'm gonna focus on hot European woman. What Part of Europe is she from? Czech Republic, Prague specifically. Go Lisc go Give him something that'll give him the edge on the conversation
  2. Anime Discussion Thread

    There we go And try not being petty about anything
  3. Anime Discussion Thread

    YEP. Do you sparkle in the sun like Edward ? Nope, but he has the complexion of a vampire
  4. Anime Discussion Thread

    lol? As long as she doesnt obsess over it, then no big deal but... but... hurgghhh she's really hot is the thing. so as long as we never ever discuss literature..? Do you ever wonder why you get FZ'd so much ;v
  5. Anime Discussion Thread

    lol? As long as she doesnt obsess over it, then no big deal
  6. Anime Discussion Thread

    She'll friend zone you in no time ^_^
  7. Anime Discussion Thread

    But we have a Zelda board BUT BUT everyone hates TP now shy; Not me I still love it. I don't understand the hate it gets. I know it didn't live up to folk's expectations but it was still a ridiculously great game. agreed but most people just ridicule it now shy; My greatest achievement when I first played that game. FIGURING OUT HOW THE HELL TO FISH. Lol. It's the most simple way to fish but at first I was like what am I supposed to do? I raged...raged so hard. Oh god, this Then I got called away, saw the bait bobbing, and when I picked up my controller, it caught the fish :l
  8. Anime Discussion Thread

    I see how it is :( It's just the nostalgia factor I guess
  9. Anime Discussion Thread

    I miss my old Sonario sig :( My old laptop got purged when my siblings got a virus on it and I lost everything Never saved it onto PB either
  10. Anime Discussion Thread

    wait Verm is why the alt rule exists? Yeah, pretty much Though, there were others making alts too, but he was the main offender The MPH board would be swarmed with Cappies Anybody remember when the MKDS board raided the MPH board? ;v
  11. Anime Discussion Thread

    Oh Verm <3 Him, all the people from Fatal 5, I remember Vidiot, Sleeky16, Weavile, and some other gents I met some good people back then
  12. Anime Discussion Thread

    I miss the MPH boards Then again, Verm making an alt every god damned day made them force that limit on the newer users
  13. Anime Discussion Thread

    I have no idea. They're more paranoid than Meth addicts though y; Considering some of them did look like it, [no offense if you take this personal], I dont blame them ;v They thought that getting your photo taken at a convention meant there was no chance it would get uploaded onto a site. Silly Nsiders
  14. Anime Discussion Thread

    Why was there a shitstorm over those anyway? Many of those guys already posted their picture on here
  15. Anime Discussion Thread

    not rly in fact if I ever reach plumber it will be a very sad day shy; ...In my defense I've been at this for... I think nearly 8 years. which isn't in my defense at all. I'M SUCH A LOSER. Wanna bet someone perma-goomba's you