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  1. I am depressed.

  2. Smash and Power On
  3. Pixar vs. Dreamworks

    I like Pixar better... Dreamworks is alright when it does something "original"
  4. Nice way to start a day.

    T.I vs T.I.P
  5. When fads collide...

  6. Of Sonic songs... Work it outhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8KpCqa_WZsk Evil Foundry Livin in the City:^D ---- And you guys can see the Apture pop-ups, right?
  7. Restoring gameboy saves.

    ... Well ... I know.... a... way to.... ....do... it... ...,... but... it... takes severa....l... hours to... do...it.....
  8. Pancakes vs Waffles

    Belgium waffles
  9. What do you araknophobes do... :3

    lol arachnophobes... And I just killed them, and made sure I saw them at all times
  10. I just skipped through the lame parts. So the whole thing... And here's the 0 star run