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  1. Animal Crossing General Discussion

    Ohey. Don't see what I'm pointing out? Look more closely. In other words, if you were paranoid, here you go. It's been reconfirmed for a release between now and June. Have fun.
  2. Animal Crossing General Discussion

    This is correct. First-party means that a game was developed by the publisher of the system, in this case Nintendo, or one of its controlled studios.So, say, Mario and Sin & Punishment are both first, while Call of Duty and Just Dance are not. That having been said, first-party games DO tend to sell more on Nintendo platforms.
  3. Animal Crossing General Discussion

    But then I was wrong again concerning my most recent hypothesis. Hm. You know, I've said "well, they can't put anything else in front of it at this point" like five times now. But this time, they legitimately can't - they have played every single other one of their cards. It's pretty much a surefire release for May or June, with the month depending entirely on how much they have planned for next year to show at E3. That's... really low, though, Nintendo, if you're holding it for E3. Better be May.
  4. Animal Crossing General Discussion

    Ehhhh. This does imply that NOA's probably sitting on it, yeah. It's probably Fire Emblem's and Brain Age's fault for filling up February. On the plus side, if it's this close to releasing somewhere, it means the chances of us getting it in March skyrocket, putting us in early April at the worst. In short, because it means New Leaf is done while Dark Moon - its only competition for a spot on the calendar now - may not be.
  5. Animal Crossing General Discussion

    Although it's a possibility, I don't think it was finished before the Wii U launch. If it had been, they would have released it in December, so that (a) they did not have a completely empty month*, and (b) they could get it out before the holiday season. Unlike, say, Fire Emblem, a niche game which they could easily delay into 2013 as filler, Animal Crossing could have potentially sold quite a few systems to people who are not members of Serenes Forest, and sitting on it past the holiday season would be imprudent if there was nothing better to fill its place. *Outside of Fluidity, which was not ever going to compete with this.
  6. Animal Crossing General Discussion

    Releasing the digital version first is a great way to get the people who you rely on to carry your games to become displeased with you. Companies like Wal-Mart and Gamestop rely on being able to sell the games they buy for a profit. But if they're available elsewhere for a couple weeks earlier, people will get impatient and buy them elsewhere. This makes it harder for the companies to sell through their stock - as launch day generally accounts for a large percentage of sales - and then the next time Nintendo (or any other publisher) tries to sell them a game, they'll be less eager to cooperate with them. Do it often enough and they might refuse to carry your games, although Nintendo probably has a degree of immunity from this given that their games usually sell more than most titles on their platforms. Related to this are the laws that prevent retailers from breaking release dates and the Portal 2 Potato Sack, which created minor controversy even though it only bumped up the release a couple hours and only affected one version of the game. (Although it also received some flack for not changing the release *enough*, so your mileage may vary.)
  7. Animal Crossing General Discussion

    That would happen if you failed to complete approximately any update ever. Nintendo's mostly under fire because said update was both large and present on the first day. I can see both sides here - at least they had the features mostly ready by the time anyone could play the system, TVii notwithstanding, and they couldn't afford to miss this holiday season... but indeed, it's a very obvious sign that the console was rushed out a bit to make said season. I can't hold it too hard against them, though, since it's been entirely fine afterwards.
  8. Animal Crossing General Discussion

    I haven't had a problem with my Wii U. It's a typical launch. It's just it has been so long we've all forgotten what those are like.
  9. Animal Crossing General Discussion

    But, hon, I'm American. I don't need to care about other countries. I only need to know one landmark from each country so that I know where Carmen Sandiego is where a character in a given medium is traveling to. UK is Big Ben, France is the Eiffel Tower, and Japan is already Godzilla so I don't need to know that. also when you think about it the joke's still kinda true, just on a meta level
  10. Animal Crossing General Discussion

    We... stole... the STATUE OF LIBERTY! ...the small one, from Las Vegas. And I won't even mention the EIFFEL TOWER! ...also Vegas.
  11. Animal Crossing General Discussion

    You all assume that silence means no news. They're not going to cancel the game. That would be suicide, and even NOA isn't that stupid. Aside from that, this conference showed only games that were to release by February. As they did at one point mention intention to have the game out in the first half of 2013, today narrowed down the timeframe even further. Additionally, Fire Emblem 13 and Brain Age 3 - once two major variables in the equation - have now been isolated. The third variable, Luigi's Mansion, has been confirmed for March release within Europe. Mario series games tend to be translated very quickly as they don't have much text, so we can assume we're probably getting it as our March game. In other words, Animal Crossing: New Leaf has been effectively confirmed for a release in Q2, probably April or May. I understand this isn't what some of you might have hoped for, but it's what I expected and knowing this puts me somewhat at ease. And sure, we didn't get any footage. But did we need any? We've been stalking the Japanese for a month now. We already know anything the footage would have showed us, and we've already seen anything they might have wanted us to see. Fire Emblem Awakening.
  12. Animal Crossing General Discussion

    It's not as though they show them all before the game's released. Even Pokémon can't show every single new mon in trailers, and those are twenty times as marketable as Animal Crossing neighbors. Just because many haven't appeared doesn't mean they've been cut.
  13. Animal Crossing General Discussion

    I'm getting the impression you can build bridges, though I can't confirm it. And I sympathize with the oranges, but for opposite reasons: I have ALWAYS had oranges in my town. I'd like something else for once.
  14. Animal Crossing General Discussion

    I'm thinking either Redmont, Rolent, or Amaranth.
  15. Animal Crossing General Discussion

    Well no wonder Nintendo's been so financially uninspiring recently. They've been busy eating all of their investors.