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  1. I've wanted a Snorlax cushion since I was 9.
  2. Hey Joey! When we going to have that rematch? Yeah, I know. You're starting your first year of college right?
  3. I'm in my final year of a three year program. Though, in total I've spent about five years there already. Nothing much. Been playing a lot of Sims 4 lately. Sorry about your uncle. My uncle's also named Bob.
  4. I'm still playing it too. I'm just doing the daily thing until I unlock the unlimited energy gauge. Also you (I think it was you, I'm not sure) were right. It does not count it for the auto-fix puzzles if you don't make a mistake.
  5. BBC's Sherlock

    Yeah, ikr.
  6. *watching TMNT 2012 S3 E14* Well... That was a weird way to handle that paradox.
  7. NEW POKEMON! (8/19/2016)

  8. Pokemon Anime Discussion

    I only count the original series (except the last episode of that series) as the true time line and all the seasons after it to be a part of the darkest timeline. In the prime timeline Ash trained on Mt. Silver for three years then returned to challenge all the gyms again. Afterwards he took on the Indigo conference again and won.
  9. BBC's Sherlock

    Just curious how many other people watch this show. I got into it last year and I haven't really stopped being obsessed with the show. Though I must say, the fanbase seem a little a bit crazy (course, what fanbase isn't amiright?) complaining about there not being enough episodes when there's like 120 years of SH material out there. Anyways, what is everybody else's opinions on it?
  10. Victoria and Nala <3
  11. Does anyone remember MSN Spaces?

    Not sure about MSN spaces but I did use MSN groups. I had like three different groups on that thing.
  12. And now my Seaking's dead. Just terrific. Knock'em dead Grim.