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    Shall we do something fantastical?
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  1. Butt plugs galore

    Noob is a weird way to spell Jesus.
  2. Mao's Hut of Cats & Panthers

    Nobody needs to go the new site kirby. It's just a conspiracy by Chrom to ruin the forum. Now, I know some people don't have the most faith in CG. For some, it's better to just start over somewhere new. Others, however, have the intelligence to stick by a community they've known for so long. Right now, we're on the precipice of destruction. All we need is for everyone to stick together and we'll be okay. ...... Come on guys, this is still a great site. Over there isn't going to be much better. Moreover, it's riskier for everyone involved.
  3. Moderators wanted

    A threat about porn? Huh, that would actually be a good movie title.
  4. Pokemon

  5. I do. I'm like the only one who does on the planet though. Why would crowdgather delete the thread and ban Chrom? How would that do anything?
  6. Mao's Hut of Cats & Panthers

    Me too. Right now I'm just trying to unlock alt world.
  7. Mao's Hut of Cats & Panthers

    No it doesn't. Look an album is like a published book. When you continue a series are you then augmenting the original book? Are changing the wording, names, or plot? No, because when you continue a series you make new books. In the album analogy, you would be making a new album. I don't really get this analogy. An album is made up of a series of songs, every song is complete and its own contained thing, and the songs don't even have to have anything to do with one another other than maybe have the same genre. This is more analogical to a book of short stories, and again, you don't have make a sequel to that either since it's all self contained and complete. The thing is, when writers say they're bored with a story, they usually don't go back to the finish that story when they have more ideas. Some do, but I find that's a rare thing. I understand taking a break, or trying other things on the side, lots of writers do that, but that's not what I'm talking about. I'm talking about people who just stop writing their series, say they're never going to finish it, and then move on to something else that's "more interesting". Well that's just your opinion. Look if my opinion makes me unreasonable and selfish, fine then, I guess by your standards I am. Personally, I think selfishness is when you think you're ideas are objective truths. Being unreasonable is when you don't just have those ideals, you also expect everybody to else adhere to them. Am I forcing anybody to continue their stories? Am I saying I'm objectively right? I don't know what it is that you think I'm doing, but it's not that. Who's saying someone has to do a story for years on end? I just said in my last post " You should continue a series until you feel its complete." So if you're done with a story, finish it. You don't have to start a story, you don't have to continue one, but you do have to finish the ones you've started. What about that means do it for years on end? People who do a story for years on end either enjoy it or do it for profit. If you're doing something for profit you usually don't have the luxury of quitting because you're bored. People who get bored of their projects don't know how good they've got it.
  8. Mao's Hut of Cats & Panthers

    It's just my opinion. The album analogy doesn't make any sense because you can't add on to an album whilst with a series you can. I mean, I guess you can update the album but we're not talking about updating we're talking about adding on. I'm not saying a person should only work on one thing forever, just the reasons they move on shouldn't be boredom. You should continue a series until you feel its complete. If you leave just because you're bored, you'll leave one series half made and the next series will be just as boring since interesting doesn't come from new things, it comes from imagination.
  9. Mao's Hut of Cats & Panthers

    That's my thing though. They say they want something new but aren't they doing new things in their series? If they're not doing new things in their series they're not being faithful to it, meaning it's not the series that's become boring they are. I don't see how doing something else is going reignite their passion since if you don't have new ideas for one thing, how can you have new ideas for something else?
  10. Mao's Hut of Cats & Panthers

    Not if they love their job. Nobody specific, just writers in general.
  11. Mao's Hut of Cats & Panthers

    How come writers get bored of doing one series? I get if they're out of ideas but if they're not, then how can it be boring?
  12. I remember that musical. I never got the chance to see it but I've heard all the songs from it and I know the plot. This is my favourite song from it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=petsdXjRN4w