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Ice Climber
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    Shall we do something fantastical?
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  1. NSIDER2 is Full of Whites- Racist Whites

    ROFL Someone doesn't know what sarcasm is.
  2. NSIDER2 is Full of Whites- Racist Whites

    So... When people say "I don't know", do you always think they say that because they haven't made up their mind? I'm kind of fascinated because if so, you must have terribly misunderstood many people.
  3. NSIDER2 is Full of Whites- Racist Whites

    Make up my mind about what?
  4. NSIDER2 is Full of Whites- Racist Whites

    I don't know, are black people still gangsters?
  5. Roses are red Violets are blue Whiteys been tripping and so have you.
  6. The NSider Town Square - 9/27/16

    Noob is a weird way to spell Jesus.
  7. What is your favorite mellow song?

    "Have you ever been melow"
  8. Thank Nintendo for closing down their forums.

    Then why are you here?
  9. Is World of Warcraft dead now?

    dude, I just started playing it yesterday
  10. for anyone who watches south park...

    its not a computer game artard, its an mmorpg, these are real people im playing with and who i interact with, like look, i can wave to this guy. You can just hang outside all day, tossing a ball around, or you can sit at your computer and do something that matters. But I don't have world of warcraft butters, go buy world of warcraft, install it on your computer before we all kick the crap out of you
  11. Digimon Trainer and Yugioh should be in Brawl.

    Those are cartoon characters not video game characters. And they aren't licensed to nintendo.
  12. whoa look at this...... kinda creepy

    Yeah I fist found out about that at the Ripley's believe it or not museum. Thos girls fett must have really hurt :(.