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    i suck the lemons

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  1. I can't find my usual font color so please excuse me. I just was curious as to what was going on in the world of NS2. I come here and it's almost completely dead. Why? What happened here? I just wanted to see some old friends maybe, but seems like a ghost town now...
  2. Used games

    Hell yeah. Why, just Thursday, I bought a used copy of Dynasty Warriors 6 for the PS3 for just eight dollars.
  3. With a month and 4 years left to live

    I think someone needs a visit to a certain camp.
  4. I can make a few bucks off this kid.

    ITT: Moron thinks he's clever.
  5. Tanks: Do they partially ruin COD5 online?

    Wow, you're an idiot. Flamethrowers are unlocked so late in the game and have a very short range. Tanks don't ruin it at all. A few stickies and their gone.
  6. What rank where you when Nsider closed?

    Mine was Noki. I don't recall anything I would consider my favorite memory.