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Divine Judgement

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  1. The NSider Town Square - 9/27/16

    This place wasn't much of a community for years even before they decided to shift over. It consisted of 90% the circlejerkers from this chatbox thread of theirs and it's obvious in retrospect with how they managed to move to the new site pretty much overnight. After moving over it became glaringly obvious what the ideologies of that group were. If you want to find out, all you need to do is go look at that old political thread to see how addled some of them really are. There are actual death threats there. So the few normal people that were still around couldn't take it anymore and decided to leave, and now that place is pretty much dead as well. Aside from that same group of degenerates that'll probably keep jerking each other till the end of their days. Strangely enough I've encountered this same occurrence on some other old forums as well. Pointless political ideologies and strange safe spaces popping up and ruining all the fun that there once may have been.