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Divine Judgement

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About Divine Judgement

  • Birthday 06/30/1992

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  1. Best Albums of 2008

    Black Ice.
  2. How big is your...

    I used to be a fanboy. Now I'd say 3-4.
  3. Time for a V Speech...

    Crystal King is badass man.
  4. You guys seem to know what you're talking about...

    Shadow of the Colossus
  5. Bands you are getting into?

    I agree with this guy. okay I didn't post 3 times in the same thread so don't you ****ing mods ban me again for that. Three threads were merged.
  6. Madworld is Disgusting

  7. Bands you are getting into?

    Helloween created Power Metal.
  8. Bands you are getting into?

    Listen to the ****ing Helloween already :|
  9. Bands you are getting into?

    I agree with this guy.
  10. Bands

    AC/DC 10/10 Aerosmith N/A The Beatles 8/10 Blink 182 N/A Coldplay 5/10 Daft Punk N/A Dragonfoce 2/10 Good Charolete 0/10 Greenday 1/10 Guns N' Roses N/A KISS N/A Led Zeppelin 8/10 Matchbox Twenty N/A Megadeath 10/10 Metalica 6/10 My Chemical Romance 1/10 Pink Floyd N/A Poison N/A Radiohead N/A Red Hot Chili Peppers 3/10 Rolling Stones N/A Scorpians N/A Shadows Fall N/A Steve Vai N/A Stevie Ray Vaughan N/A Trivium 6/10 Van Halen 7/10