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  1. Hello, world.

    the admins and entire userbase abandoned this forum when the company who owns it refused to update it, do anything with it, or give control to the actual active members we're all on a site called n i n f o r a now. it usually has ~10 active users at any given time, mostly old users as you mentioned, so it's definitely active enough to enjoy that old forum nostalgia.
  2. George Bush just had shoes thrown at him

    See: previous thread still on first page.
  3. Who's your favorite doctor?

    This. or the doctor that the Thompson Twins sang about. Dr. Mario gets a close third for being awesome in Melee. =D oh, and Dr. Feelgood. ;)
  4. Yeah, but they were soaked at one point, so they aren't anything I could sell.
  5. Lol Bush got Owned

    Nice. Now somebody is going to add Matrix effects.
  6. Rate the nostalgia!!! (1-10)

    A little, I suppose.
  7. So, you got an NS2 award did you?

    nevermind, then.
  8. So, you got an NS2 award did you?

    Really? I thought you were really crying. hosnap. I follow MysticGamer's logic.
  9. So, you got an NS2 award did you?

    ... I was joking, anyway. ^_^;
  10. "20% percent of the people who say they're your friends will talk trash about you while you are around. Those are your real ones." Pretty funny.
  11. Since it's just a rip-off of a certain pagan holiday... >.> not to mention American culture has ruined the point of the holiday, anyway.
  12. My Quick Opinion of the Dark Knight...

    You are... quite late. Anyway, the movie would not be that great without Ledger's performance. First one was better.
  13. Do you think....

    You obviously don't understand how it works...