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  1. I usually stay up until around 5 am. LNPO is depressingly dull.
  2. Maturity; I want some answers

    Maturity is accepting that you have made dumb mistakes in the past. Wisdom is knowing that you will make dumb mistakes in the future. shy;
  3. Decisions decisions...

    Implying blu-ray players are that expensive any more.
  4. Something 3D Glasses need

    It's not even an interesting gimmick any more. I mean, it was cool when I was a kid, but it's overstayed its welcome.
  5. Something 3D Glasses need

    Why!?, it's optional. If you don't like it don't mess with it. Let people who enjoy it alone. Everybody is jumping on the 3D trend and all the large screens at the theater have to be reserved for them. I'm stuck with the smallest ones just because I don't feel like 3 hours of having a headache.
  6. Decisions decisions...

    Go with the laptop. It's fucking Minecraft.
  7. What do you prefer for game length?

    We never said we don't want an ending. Fuck WoW.
  8. Something 3D Glasses need

    Just get rid of the glasses and 3D altogether.
  9. What do you prefer for game length?

    Quality over quantity, definitely, but it's a mixed bag. I just look for good games.