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Ice Climber
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Status Updates posted by Pichi

  1. google search nin fora if you're looking for where everybody went.

  2. This place is dead. If you're an old user, everybody is at N i n f o r a
    (just google it)

  3. Catching up. Message me if you remember me! (Red the Ghost / Lone Wolf Winter)

  4. Catching up with NS2. Message me if you remember me <3

  5. So how many quotes do you actually have in your signature, including the ones it cuts off?

  6. Your recent comments made me lol.

  7. I love you all, whatever your relationship status might be. Happy V-day folks

  8. New avatar is go. A new name, however, is eluding me. Not sure if I want to use my other one here.

  9. And Nsider hits its slow point. Time to go back to Chrono Trigger and Super Castlevania IV.

  10. Ah, okay. Well, I hope the future job hunt goes well for you, then. :p

  11. No matter how good the game is, I never really have the ability to play an RPG over and over.

    And yeah, I'm not dying to go to school, but I need to and it's a nice change from being a bum for several months because school paperwork takes too long and I can't find a damn job. But I digress.

    What are you going to school for? Do you like your classes, at least?

  12. That's no good. D:

    I've got a bit of cabin fever, myself. Away from friends, haven't gotten into school yet, that sort of thing.

    But you know, for now, everything is perfect, because I have Chrono Trigger. :v

  13. I guess that works. How are you today, then, 'super duper' friend?

  14. I don't remember when/why you added me :v

    Did we have a conversation I forgot about?

  15. So.

    Hi there.

  16. I've lost practice, anyway. I've been away from the rest of the smashers I know and there happens to be absolutely no players where I am now. The only game I've kept up with is 64 thanks to Kaillera.

  17. His Smash name is just 'Blackchris.' He's going to Pound 5, but I don't really have the money unfortunately. I need to get my ass back in school, too. I was supposed to be already, but they took forever with the paperwork and we missed our chance until March.

    It might change later, but for now I don't expect to go to any big tournies outside of NC.

  18. You'd get along with a fellow Melee player in Wilmington. He's also a Ganon fanatic and is currently trying to push the Ganon v. Falco matchup in his favor.

    Currently he's trying to master a near frame-perfect chaingrab that nobody's even attempted at this point. It's ridiculous.

  19. Oh, right. Smash and metal sounds about right. My apologies.

    Aside from the new Agalloch album, though, I haven't kept up with metal at all recently. My tastes expanded, I suppose, and I've just been finding a plethora of interesting music in pretty much every genre but metal.

  20. I'm not sure about this community sometimes. Perhaps everybody is just depressed and they all feel the need to bring as many people down as possible.

    Nothing worth being salty about, though.

    Also, I noticed you're one of the few people on my friends list, though it's been so long I can hardly remember why.

  21. Dammit NSider, it's only 4 am; don't die on me yet.

  22. You want 64, son? Get on Galaxy 64 and get a game with me.

  23. Lonely as fuuuuck

    1. Yellow


      Well you are the "Lone" Wolf Winter.

  24. Like oh em gee, we have the same birthday.

  25. Thanks, but know it was made by a tag artist much better than me.