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  1. https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/insecure-password-warning-firefox?as=u&utm_source=inproduct I know this is probably a bad time with the forum in an uproar, but it should still be noted regardless. Starting in Firefox 50 (when it leaves beta in several weeks), all sites that have inputs for private data (like logins and passwords) will be flagged as insecure (I don't know when the other browsers like Chrome will do this). The only option to avoid having NS2 flagged is if it migrates to a https connection one day. Mozilla has a page for web developers looking to not get their sites flagged as insecure: https://developer.mozilla.org/docs/Web/Security/Insecure_passwords If NS2 cannot have secure connections, it may result in existing and potential new users not visiting NSider 2 especially if automatic blocks are established (like sites flagged as malware being automatically blocked until reviewed by Google).
  2. NX - why is it taking so long?

    It could be if Nintendo went ahead with a NX Direct now, it would cause problems for Nintendo: 1) The NX Direct would undercut the 3DS Direct Nintendo just had. Nobody would want a 3DS if the NX is put out there as around the corner to the masses. 2) We're waiting for Sony to have their fall conference. If Nintendo went head with a NX Direct, Sony would happily undercut anything Nintendo would've done at their Direct. 3) There might be still a lack of a launch window lineup for NX. It's not a good idea to put the NX out there now with no signs of anything good game-wise coming during the NX's first year. 4) We just had the Wii U fall off the cliff. Putting the NX out there now would definitely make it a Wii U 2.0 as Wii U was first to market in 8th gen and didn't do a damn thing. Making NX the 1st 9th gen console probably will lead it to the same problems Wii U had. There's probably other scenarios I haven't though of. I wouldn't be surprised if NX gets delayed until later in 2017 (with Zelda: BotW NX delayed with BotW Wii U going ahead in spring 2017).
  3. Yeah as it stands, SMM 3DS is just an expensive demo of the Wii U game. Not really worth double-dipping or even grabbing if you lack the Wii U version. Just get/stay with the Wii U version.
  4. Managed to snag Fire Emblem thanks to the discount...and that's pretty much it. See you in October when the digital goods* are swapped out for the next batch that we probably already have! <.< *Not the coupons or Miitomo stuff.
  5. My Nintendo sucks

    My Nintendo is lacking and the fact the Wii U bombed and the 3DS didn't become a runaway success the Wii and DS were didn't help matters. Did you know when the Wii U and 3DS were tanking during CN's final years (3DS would recover somewhat), Club Nintendo rewards were becoming worse over said time period? If we want a better My Nintendo, NX cannot bomb even out of the gate like Wii U and 3DS did so that Nintendo can have extra money again for better loyalty programs.