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  1. Mini NES, who is getting one?

    I'm wanting one even though I already own a lot of the 30 pre-installed games in other formats. Guess it's the collector in me wanting this. =P I mean look at the machine. It's so tiny. XD
  2. SNES hits 25

    The SNES was also my childhood (well teenage-hood in my case =P). I came for Super Mario World and stayed through most 16-bit classics. The games I remember putting in the most time in were Chrono Trigger, Kirby Super Star, Super Mario All-Stars (for SMB 3), and The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. Oh Soul Blazer and Illusion of Gaia too. I really wish Square would bring Terranigma to the Virtual Console (maybe NX VC?).
  3. Meanwhile in Japan and Europe: Also: ...Yeah. <.<;;
  4. Whatcha playin'? General edition!

    I'm playing Tales of Phantasia (GBA), The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD (Wii U), and Pokkén Tournament (Wii U) since receiving them on my birthday back on August 14th. I am also playing a few other games sporadically (namely online games like Mario Kart 8 and so on).
  5. Picross Mania!!!!

    As the Picrite Shop says, once you buy 5000 Picrites, all future Picrite purchases become free. You'll have to pay around 35 dollars (includes tax) though. The gripe is GameFREAK never wants to throw a Picrite sale. So you're free to try/play the game up to a point and then decide to "buy" it via buying 5000 Picrites. I've kinda stopped playing as I have other Picross games to play and I don't want to burn 35 dollars or so in eShop cash. EDIT - Though if you want to knock the price down, you have to plan your Picrite usage from the start. Basically don't buy anything with Picrites outside unlocking new areas and that might be a start to whittling down the cost. It eventually will get tedious doing the daily training for extra Picrites, so that's when you should take tally and decide whether or not to "buy" the rest of the game.
  6. The problem though as the 3D Classics line showed is that nobody bought them for Nintendo to continue making them. It also didn't help the line started with 3DS coming off life support early in its life and Nintendo picking the wrong games to 3D remaster (really 3D Urban Champion?). So the line bombed and Nintendo stuck with Virtual Console ports ever since. If we want Nintendo to remaster old games like Zelda I, A Link to the Past, Super Mario Bros. 3, we need to show there is a market for Nintendo remasters for retro games. The only catch though is if the wrong games get picked, we will get blowback from the "They Changed It, Now It Sucks" people (like remastering Super Metroid for example, that will invite a backlash) and the line could bomb scaring Nintendo back to retro/Virtual Console ports only.
  7. Final Fantasy Thread

    My first Final Fantasy game was IV on the SNES (was localized as II at the time). Yes it was censored, but also translated awkwardly (with some exceptions), but it was the first RPG I ever beat on my own and is one of a few games that cemented my loving of the JRPG genre. Over time I added more Final Fantasy games to my collection to end up with the first six games. I don't have any of the non-Nintendo Final Fantasy games though or the spinoffs (except for Final Fantasy Tactics Advance and FF Tactics A2). I have: Final Fantasy I & II (GBA) Final Fantasy III (DS) Final Fantasy IV (SNES - Wii VC) Final Fantasy IV: The After Years (WiiWare) Final Fantasy V Advance (GBA) Final Fantasy VI (SNES - Wii VC)
  8. I apologize for the lateness (I don't check in often here), but it's possible we'll see Gold, Silver, and Crystal on 3DS/NX VC (if NX has a portable version or is a console/handheld hybrid if either rumor holds true). The one catch though would be pricing. GameFREAK wanted 10 bucks each for R/B/Y, but since G/S/C are Game Boy Color games, they would probably want 15 or 20 dollars each for G/S/C. If R/B/Y were ported normally without extra additions (and premium tax by GameFREAK), it would be about 4-5 bucks each normally. GameFREAK would have to make additions to the G/S/C ports raising the price in addition to the premium tax imposed by GameFREAK.
  9. Like others have already posted, I don't think this means another helping of Gen 1 remakes. This definitely is a Gen 1 callback though. GameFREAK loves their callbacks and foreshadowings. They do make some stuff that they're unable to use until later on after all. As to what GameFREAK remakes next, we are due for Gen IV remakes next after Sun and Moon are out... <.<
  10. I hope new stuff will come. I've got Platinum and Gold Coins and nothing to get this month. Some downloadable rewards get switched out in September. I can only hope Nintendo offers stuff I don't already have (which is the major problem of My Nintendo has -- they offer stuff most users would already have).
  11. Nintendo Download: 8-11-16

    There was an attempt at Wave Race Wii, but due to the failure of Project HAMMER's development for Wii and the banishment of Nintendo Software Technology from good 1st party developer to shovelware Mario vs. DK developer for Nintendo, any hopes of a Wave Race revival were killed on the spot. Anything Wave Race Wii had that was salvageable were put in Wii Sports Resort instead.
  12. Basically the developers know there are problems and are working on them. They will try to keep communications open as they continue working on Pokémon Go.
  13. Whatcha playin'? General edition!

    I've been playing Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky on Wii U Virtual Console whenever I get the time for it. Otherwise I'm playing online games (mainly Mario kart 8) or old miscellaneous games. I just reached Chapter 13 in PMD in my last session. Explorers of Sky is the first PMD game I owned following playing the Gates to Infinity demo on 3DS.