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  1. The problem though is due to the Wii U bombing and the 3DS not being a runaway success like DS, NoA doesn't have extra money for My Nintendo. It was evident as Club Nintendo ran down and their rewards got more and more terrible until CN ended. We need the NX to not suck and bomb to have any hope for better items to come to American My Nintendo. EDIT - Though if mobile continues to be a success, I can see NoA allowing more downloadable mobile rewards. Not just for their apps, but maybe offer phone wallpapers/themes for example?
  2. Star Fox Zero made for Elementary School Kids

    That's a fair point thinking more on it. Sticker Star's guidelines could have been a case of Morton's Fork -- damned if you do, damned if you don't. I don't hate Tanabe for Federation Force. I like the idea of a worldbuilding game, but Nintendo's presentation so far just hasn't hooked me. Anyways the point I was trying to raise that sometimes a company's woes is not all the fault of one person. There could been multiple beings and things within Nintendo that may have "poisoned the well", but telling Miyamoto he's the cancer that's killing Nintendo is hatedom to the extreme like what happened to Iwata. Some people going "Ding dong, the witch is dead!" after Iwata's passing was just disgraceful. Getting rid of one person won't fix a company because they didn't cater to you is crazy entitlement. I got sick of coming to these boards for a year after there was thread after thread of people sayin Iwata needs to die/be fired claiming Nintendo needs to be Microsoft/Sony Jr. or needs to be bought out by Microsoft/Sony took the fun out of these boards. It's incredibly short-sighted. Nintendo gets knocks for both non-innovation and when they do innovate, they're dismissed as unneeded gimmicks or late to the party even if Sony and/or Microsoft haven't done it yet. No wonder they don't listen to fans. Fans don't know what they want. Yes, you can still critique, but you don't have to get ugly about it and bomb every post and thread about Nintendo's gonna die if they skimp out on a minor thing like not buying state-of-the art tech for a console. I don't want a $1,000 Nintendo console, thanks.
  3. Miyamoto teasing a special aspect to the NX

    I'm finding myself susceptible to motion sickness too depending on how things go with game/movie cameras. I know on Mario Kart 8 on the corkscrew turns of Mario Circuit, I get a little nauseous when the camera tilts when you're driving through a corkscrew turn. Stereoscopic 3D doesn't bother me unless I play/watch for too long. I can handle FPS shooters fine as well unless I overplay them.
  4. Star Fox Zero made for Elementary School Kids

    Yes, yes. Miyamoto should be fired like Iwata was (rather than be fired, just drop dead instead). Then we can turn Nintendo into a Sony and Microsoft clone and watch the gaming industry die from non-innovation. We say we don't want gimmicks, but gimmicks is WHAT THIS INDUSTRY WAS BUILT ON (info is through the near end of gen 7). The XBox One controller that everyone loves? It was all built from Nintendo and Sony's earlier controller gimmicks (graph is through gen 7). Even today Microsoft and Sony still use gimmicks and yet Nintendo is the worst company ever for gimmicks? I get it. Nintendo has problems. Everyone does. But is it really far to keep bashing them and not call out Sony and Microsoft for unnecessary bullshit sometimes? Nintendo is centered around games being fun. Sometimes they need to be more daring and make an immersive game for once rather than a 1980's game built with 2006's HD graphics. Nintendo is notorious for no story and immersion in games and the moment they try to do something about it? Metroid: Other M: Bombed because they ruined Samus, the writers couldn't write worth a damn, and the controls are gimmicks. Star Fox Zero: Bombed because controls are gimmicks. Nevermind the intent is to make you feel like an Arwing pilot. I'll bet if Nintendo built it up as a VR game for NX (assuming the NX being a VR machine is true) with same controls, nobody would complain as much. <.< Zelda: Breath of the Wild: Won't bomb, but still will be the victim of the Zelda Cycle. Zelda: Tri Force Heroes will be praised as best Zelda ever while BotW will get bashed for being a Skyrim ripoff/gimmick. Anyways in about two gens, everyone will start loving Wii U and Star Fox Zero. It's usually how it goes for most products Nintendo makes that is considered the worst thing ever when it was released. Oh before anyone brings up Sticker Star, apparently Nintendo decided years ago that Paper Mario should no longer be an RPG series since we have Mario & Luigi as the primary Mario RPG series. It's not all Miyamoto's fault unlike Wii Music. Tanabe (Metroid Prime, Prime: Federation Force) added to Sticker Star's woes.
  5. New Pokemon leaked

    Before posting, I was really considering Togedemaru. But the more I look at its face, the more I'm feeling it's Shaymin reskinned. =/ I'm going to have to see how the later evos go. That's pretty much the only thing that stands out to me from what's been shown so far from the latest news. Overall for gen 7, I like Rockruff most.
  6. Megaman X5

    You can always go back to old Maverick stages. It's Mega Man tradition. The only exceptions where you can't go back (depending on the game) are introduction levels, mid-levels (usually appears after you get four special weapons), and any fortress levels you've cleared. So if you say beat two fortress levels toward the end of the game, you cannot go back to those first two specific fortress levels -- you can only go on the third fortress stage and so on. The Zero Space stages count as part of Sigma's X5 fortress. It might make Mega Man games much too difficult if you weren't allowed to go back to old stages to grind for items like Energy for Energy Tanks for example in the X series.