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  1. If you could port ONE game...

    I totally agree. I'd want MM, with touch-screen support, etc. on the DS, and with motion control for the Wii. That'd be amazing. :D
  2. I just found the next Soulja Boy

    I lol'ed at this video so much. :D But seriously, if this becomes popular at my school, I will go nuts. :|
  3. Do you consider yourself cool at school?

    Same. I just be myself.
  4. I'm pissed

    I planned on making a thread, but decided not to in the end. It would have been good topic though. UCLA > UNC.
  5. PSP?

    Does anyone have a PSP, and have any idea how I can downgrade to 1.5? I haven't used a PSP in a long time, and I accidentally updated the firmware without knowing. Now, homebrew games do not work. :[ Anyone have any info on it? I've searched around for awhile and know about different ways to downgrade (Pandora's Battery or using the game Lumines) but I don't want to buy a game for no reason, nor do I have an extra PSP on my hands. There doesn't seem like there is going to be a downgrader for awhile...