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  1. That should work, not gonna be pretty though -_- I sent them an email and pretty much went off on them, they sounded scared said to call them but the scratches didn't get bad enough that you can really see them when the screen is lit so I just slapped a screen protector on it because I -really- don't feel like sending it off in the mail.
  2. Anime Discussion Thread

    hold on tight
  3. Anime Discussion Thread

    life is wonderful, but society is fucked up. i don't think i hate anyone, just what the world turns them into. still, one shouldn't lose hope. as long as there is jpop and super mario all is not lost. may something genki inspire each of us to shine brighter and strive for perfection. we may never reach that goal but in the mean time we can achieve excellence.
  4. Anime Discussion Thread

    yeaha they will go the extra mile... literally... in their cars...
  5. Anime Discussion Thread

    i embrace all my stalkers, make them my friends.
  6. Anime Discussion Thread

    giving a chat thread shout out to my biggest fan nintendog500
  7. Mortal Kombat 2011

    i need this so badddd shrimp; shrimp; shrimp; shrimp; :hwsad: :hwtongue: :hwsurprised: :hwveryhappy:
  8. I just nostalgia'd everywhere, OOT3DS Opening

    it could be the exactly the same and it would be enough
  9. I just nostalgia'd everywhere, OOT3DS Opening

    everything is rendered with polygons. do you realize how much of the backdrops in ocarina are 2D sprites?
  10. gonna be hard to say goodbye to the wii, jirachi! it's been good to us!
  11. my wiihd control mock up

    your mock up ruined my life
  12. Mega Man Legends 3 Prototype

    i wipe my ass with more than that. guess i will just have to not eat at taco bell for one day.
  13. I just nostalgia'd everywhere, OOT3DS Opening

    every note in that game gives me chills even after all these years
  14. And you better buy it because the very fate of the full game depends on it =( http://www.escapistmagazine.com/news/view/109512-Capcom-Killing-Mega-Man-Legends-3-If-Prototype-Version-Doesnt-Sell
  15. HERMAN