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  1. I know how to save the forums

    I have to agree. When everything started to become more consolidated, it felt like it made the forum smaller. Moderation teams thought smaller meant better so it didn't seem like the community was so splintered off from one another, but even if the individual game boards were retired, I greatly feel at least the main series boards should have remained. It gave people the ability to come together for just that game or series without having to resort to Power On or General Gaming hoping to find like-minded fans to interact with, or calling them out to come to them. This may be a smaller community than NSider was, but if done right this place could certainly be better than the shape it's been left in for the past over a year or so. Could brand it better, revitalize interest in sticking around here and get new members to join up. Sadly, I don't have much faith in that happening. At least we still have "the other place", though even that seems kind of quieter than when it first started up over a year ago.