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Jirachi82's fifth Nsider'versary

27 posts in this topic

I don't know why, but some night ago a little ol' friend came to me, it was Nsider. I abandoned the past and

memories cause it was only a forum where I've met tons of great people, discussions, etc. Also, I went looking

into old GCN booklets...man the advertising and get a free gift by subscribing to NP was a great way to get fans to register into the community.

Like the WindWaker, you could get a T shirt or the players guide. I remember the old face layout of the

community page that directs to the forums. It had Captain Falcon and the other racers from F Zero GX for the

cube on a blue banner. I remember it quite well on those 2003~2004 days. the HTS forum turned 6 years old on April 3, 2009 or maybe that was when it was being developed, whereas I'm five years old as of April 9th 2009 and the site may be gone, but its always a part of us, the community. It's like a trip down memory lane. When I pictured the old days (playing Pokemon Emerald for instance, it's almost 4

years old in once May 3, 2009 hits the corner) I think about the calm soothing forests when neither daylight nor dusk penetrates. It's

foggy, but thick and full of cobwebs. I thank the Minish Cap for that idea and I tend to have calm smooth jazz

playing inside. And the old Pokemon and series discussion boards before the merger, oh ho ho wow, I remember it quite well. :)

I could show you pictures, but deviantart would just delete it (lousy sots), however it could have been on the wrong section,

though I may give it another try like I don't care. I pictured the NOA's a bunch of young forum geeks working at

Nintendo (lol, I've been meaning to say this) and I remember my first accident on Nsider. :D It all began when I

didn't understand the Nsider chats because of the 3 PCF time zone. Oh ho ho, I was a goomba or cappy back

then, but I've been ranking my ways through the Pokemon (and Zelda) boards (and it's true, I didn't discover

Power On later next month thanks to my friends at Team Aqua, who I'll never forget because they made me what

I am today...well in the past.) Basically, I posted on the Pokemon game play help boards saying why the chats

are still closed and then the folks there (mind you, Nsider was small at the time, I was user 40539 and I have a

clear memory) were panicking saying Nsider was closing, which I meant why the forums were closed.

Apparently, Andy mentioned that it's not closing and he didn't know who started it, some didn't even know it was

me cause it was just me and my Pokemon days at the Research Center and Sprites recoloration ran by

Groudonman, my third friend on the community site. (I'll never forget my first two friends, they greeted me via PMs.) Ya

know, my first avatar was a little smiling Azurill cause I really like that little water mouse.

So, intentionally speaking, I signed up on the Nintendo homepage first (later the community section and rather

my username on the site, I did my screen name and it worked and that was my first discovery.) and I always

enjoyed the layout they designed during 2003/2004 era because it was so easy to navigate. :) I miss the old

days when Nintendo was just a news worthy place to go to and scroll down the menus of upcoming to date

games. *sigh* I remember it like it was just a memory. Swift and through, I discuss with my fellow members of the

Pokemon board for a month and as soon as I discovered Power On like I said, I was greeted to the Nsider

Bungalow (or Pool at the time.) and Nsider Townsquare where I've met tons of people who I still remember today. Another great place I like to commemorate in this post would be the Unofficial Nsider Council meeting that was ran by Torchic (numbers here), then TML068 (who I really admired the most because he was amazing when it came to Nsider discussions) preceded by PXDfan who became a great leader at the time.

The first spammer I've met was Yoseph. He was a little crazy, but he was a nice guy actually. Always the trouble maker, he even had

multiple accounts like Rhymes with Crimes or Sgt. Marcus Fenix. There was Twinrova also, man she was like

the queen of Nsider at the time during 2004 I think, but wow I remember the madness with her. Sometime in

2004 or 2005 there was this glitch that dealt with multiple accounts merging and she was in a turmoil, then she left.

Before I continue on, what made me join the Nsider Nintendo forums? Well, it all started on a bus trip to the

art museum back in seventh grade. I took out a copy of my nintendo power issue (I believe it was the Fire

Emblem issue or the Sims 2 issue) and I looked at the new coverage of upcoming games like Sword of Mana

and Mario Luigi Super Star Saga. Oh ho ho, I remember seeing Camp Hyrule being on there, even the Sage

candidates. Then when Christmas of 2003 came around, I got my first Nintendo gamecube that had The

Legend of Zelda Collector's Edition in it. It would only be several more months till I join the forums, even during

those months of lurking. Though, I did know about Hyrule Town Square at the time, but that was later on I believe

and then it got closed down.

Basically, during my voyage over the years, I faced a lot of excitement during the golden era to the renaissance

of nsider, which would undoubtedly be known as the tragedy of nsider. Just when everyone was starting to get

along and less spam to patrol, we thought Nsider was getting more and more into a lighter phase. Boy was I

wrong Riosan. 2007 was not a year to look forward too. Horribly wrong because over the course of the year,

something suspicious was happening and I've noticed something wrong was going on, even some fellow friends

and members I've known. I remember sending the PM to NOA_Rekiznu (a newbie at the time) saying that it's

true that NP is relocating, but it wouldn't have any affect on the forums. That, was from summer of 2007. I

remember also telling that to TSA. Sometimes I wonder the same thing, how the heck do I remember this?

Because I was attached to everyone, they were my friends, like you guys are. Right now, that stuff isn't important

for 2007 was like the dark ages of 2004 all over, only worse. When I browsed at the old posts, they were like

ancient artifacts. Reading them just made me chills to the bones and how calm and small the community at the

time was. You get the point to right? Oh well, I was a newcomer at the time, so I had to be careful what I said at

the time, nonetheless I was good and there were times when I went a little out of hand. But still, what I like about

myself and some fellow Nsiders is that we are the old timers during the legacy of nsider. i don't know why, but

ever since my experience grew with the community, I felt like I should be an nsider historian. When I had bad

days, I usually go to the chat threads at the NOA Headquarters, it usually cheered me up due to crazy times we

had. Also, my friends cheered me up, even to those today. Nope, the Jirachi82 today isn't like his past self,

though his personality hasn't changed a bit.

My goals were achieved and crushed, but we all learn from something from the start correct? I remember

wanting to be a Sage so bad because I thought it would be cool to be one of them, but I was dead wrong folks.

That dream to me will nothing be more of a figment of my childish antics, even after the discussions I've made,

the reviews, and all that jazz, nothing. Besides, it was a rank and the best thing of all being on the forums was to

be part of the community and when there was a time I wanted to respond to someone, I usually replied via PM

whenever it was unavailable. I had a lot of favorite moments that I can share (and relate) to others and man, if I

had a time machine, I would just record the days for all of you, which unfortunately would be impossible. I think

another troubling to me was being the center of attention, but sometimes, it's great to not be focused on at all

even when it comes to out of hand situations you don't want to be in. I really like partaking in the Legendary

Researchers at the time, I felt like I did some contributions there and the friends I've made were great too. And

the sprites recolors shop, oh wow the mutated pokemon and recolors were just awesome. I know, we're still on

2004 boys and girls, but let me tell you this. During the summer of 2004, in a late July, registrations for Camp

Hyrule were open, first timers (like me) were willing to register to the site and man the anticipation was crazy!

During sign ups, the servers on Nintendo and the forums crashed altogether. Yep, it was postponed for couple

of days and the forums itself was slow for a week. Oh man, the madness back then. I dubbed it "The Nsider Malfunction

of 2004". Oh yeah, and the vanishing skins and icons also happened. When August came about, something awful happened after Camp Hyrule, something that will be scarred over the course of Nsider dubbed "The Great Riot of 2004." It was terrible. After I got home, Nsider wasn't the

same at all. Some of the rules, posts, and users I think were deleted thanks to these malicious users using PHP

script, Nsider was basically hacked. I didn't know what the heck was happening, all I knew were that both HTML

and images were banned for some time. A long three months we've endured, we were allowed to use signatures

and images again, however our profiles wouldn't be the same again. Basically, Andy and the admins were getting a bit stricter with the rules.

My favorite end to 2004 was *Hen's* Uber End of the Year Bash thread where tons of users were just going nuts about the end of the year and what they were going to do. Man, it was like a block party, only online with the Coup. I still have the photo of the front page, even Greg's final 2004 post

(unknowingly, someone in the the upcoming year or two will bump the thread without getting it locked). Oh yeah, I remember when there was a time when the moderators would have their spare time in old threads and edit the old members posts as their own or just for competition. I remember some of the old thread glitches. Oh good times I tell you, even the hidden Townsquare pages.

the year 2005 lulls around the corner and all the thoughts of 2004 were nothing but memories. More users were

starting to join the fun and we all thought the forums were going to be great in the next few years; nevertheless,

most of us were right and some were wrong. Anyways, Shaun was hosting Moot Trivia less and less nowadays and things again were fun for the

forum. Yeah. I sort of grew up during 2005 and started my tutorials on Nsider tech support, even though I wasn't really a novice at

everything, I didn't really want to plagiarize what the folks had around the time, and then I just stop making a fool out of myself and just let other users make their own guides. I usually check the bulletin board to go to that HTML thread with all the

font colors, HTML, and rules and stuff for newcomers. I remember PMing Kattixe about the Bulletin Board's next update which ironically would never happen until 2010.......and here we are in 2009. I assume she hadn't to worry about this matter. 2005 was another great year for me until the end because a piece of me would be shattered, even to all of us. Andy did put up some new boards like the E3 board that would be posted by NOA representatives and holy crap, I remember the excitement and chaos with the Twilight Princess game coming soon. All the stuff we were seeing would unfortunately never see the light of day in the final release. Maybe Zelda 2010 on the Wii will have them? Ya ya ya, let me go to Christmas 2005, our worst Christmas gift ever....and greatest. I wish I had pictures of the old chat threads before they retired, even the chat forums, they were special to us. Okay, changing the names was fine, but changing the Cave was a heartfelt moment to us Cavers. Thankfully, we would have a nostalgia Nsider during 2007 for the final time. Next, we go to Power On and the two chat threads, retired. What the hell Andy, what the hell has gone on your mind? That took a deep impact on Nsider and who knows how many users left that day. (shakes head) There were times when I wanted to quit, but something pulled me back, like something telling to move on. I remember NOA_Jack being in the 2005 NOA HQ forum and man I remember getting the last post of New Years. I said Happy New Years to all of you and he closes it with "You too Jirachi." Also, I was number 1 there too! :D I was such a lucky wishmaker.

Now 2006 is a mix of between. we saw an uprise of spammers I think and there were less and less intelligent people. Dudelove was rarely on anymore and contests ran by shaun were so rare those days you had to be lucky to get into his trivia games. Alex at the time was new I think and he was the cool guy in town like Rufus and Mysterious (and I know where he is actually, on another site.) I remember talking with Remember Rushmore (or ReRush) about Rushmore and how he had to leave NOA due to college. I heard he was a pretty cool guy. Heck, I remember wanting to talk and meet this other user, the ex Bomber (the original Knights of Hyrule) and ex sage who was never active again, Zeldagamer00 (I think that was him). I could have been friends with him, but some things were never meant to happen. I don't know what caused me this, but I felt like Nsider had idols and yes that was true. I remember a time when I went on a 10 month hiatus from review working due to review block, school, and lack of thought, but thanks to PXD and Kratos215 for getting me back into reviewing, I started anew, even though I would be in the same format. But eventually I stopped doing reviews and moved on to something new, video game discussion threads based on the Top Five "Genre" on the GCN board. I wish I moved on to the GBA board and soon the Legacy Systems board. It had a good run and I only made five or four I believe and it was based on Multilayer. I only did the games I've played because I've never played the other series that I'm not familiar with. But good gosh, you all probably knew what game came out number one right? the mayhem started in 2001. I thank Sloppy Kirby for the inspiration, along with BigBadBoo or Terrius on their legacy games. However, you wouldn't be seeing this until July/August 2007 since I thought those days were the best for me and my works. I felt really grown up and after seeing the majority of my friends becoming Sages, and to those who I supported who should have been, I seemed to be like a dedicated user.

Feh, 2006 was sort of bogus and Epic Center was retired and that made me cross the line when I wanted to leave Nsider. Heck, I even lost NickDudeNick's chrono trigger comics and man that guy was comical, along with Dras (Draslushee) and basically it was the top five favorite Nsider boards till the end. I remember the madness when the Wii/Revolution board came out. Good gravy, it went like wildfire with all those posts about what the Wii would have and some wouldn't. Heck, I even have a transcript of the whole night. He would do this again on eve of Saturday and Sunday of September, two days before Nsider would close. I heard something about Humu and Mike being quiet and he wasn't like himself that night. I didn't like it either, but what he said didn't seem to be what any other NOA representative would say. Oh mind you, I do recall that some users in the upcoming months would be victims of the phishing scam, it was awful. It was 2004 all over again and Nsider was heading downhill, even the camp hyrule that year was open to the public and only at nsider. Also, less Andy chats and Sage rounds and glitches and time constraints, oh the warning signs during the summertime. I won't forget NOA_Mike's 2006 New Years Eve chat on the chat forums that lasted for 24 hours, that was a memory to remember.

I do not know what else to add within this post, but I do wish you all to have good thoughts about the past and talk about it. It's great to tell stories of the ancient years and it makes you apart of it.


Having my first time in Camp Hyrule 2004 in cabin 10 was the greatest experience.

Winning first place in Cabin 09 in 2005. K9 Kennels were awesome!

Winning second place in Cabin 09 in 2006 during the Camp Hyrule in space.

Reached to Icon Master on the third contest

Made over 24 reviews, even if they sucked.

Three of my top threads actually went well over 50 pages; Camp Hyrule 07 lockout, Nsider's third

Nsider'versary, and my own Retro Alliance thread that was for the retro icons folder.

I've made some good interviews, which therein I stopped.

Basically, rather than interviews, I made my own path of discussions on power on.

Achieved to over a milestone.

Being part of the top 8 in Nsider chat. First time happened in 2004 and the last time it happened was in 2007.

Oh, there were times when I was first in chat.

Got a warning from NOA_Dudelove in 2004 about my age being almost revealed, even though I didn't really tell them that early in the morning of 2004 of November. I couldn't sleep, so I wasn't thinking.Actually speaking with some of the former NOA representatives online, even though I think I was a bit of a show off.

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I read every single word.


grats on five years jirachi

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Congratulations on your five years. I wasn't apart of Nsider during the times you mentioned. I do remember the phishing scams though. Your story was very interesting and long... But I'm glad I read it all. Can't wait to see the pics.

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Congratulations on your five years. I wasn't apart of Nsider during the times you mentioned. I do remember the phishing scams though. Your story was very interesting and long... But I'm glad I read it all. Can't wait to see the pics.

it may take awhile. I do remember speaking a lot at Hyrule Castle in 2007. SSLinkDSC was quite something. How odd that it was his last year even though it was like Nsider left him.

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I've been around longer than 5 years..... I think.

And good god that post is longer than my review on Dead Rising. And that's saying something.

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Those really weird linebreaks are making me not want to read it.

Not that I planned to in the first place. shy;

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I actually read that, and I want my 5 or so minutes back.

Your own fault, *****.

Oh, congrats and stuff.

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Congrats, Jirachi!

Good read, for sure!

Never change!

You're about three years late to the party.

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