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Ready To Die

IGN's Top 100 Comic Book Villains of All Time

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For the sake of time and space I'll only post the excerpts from #s 20-1.

I think the list is a little inconsistent towards the bottom, but I can't really argue with the top 5.


100. MODOK

99. Fin Fang Foom

98. Mastermind (Jason Wyngarde)

97. Violator (Spawn)

96. Despero

95. Omega Red

94. Annihilus

93. Omni-Man

92. Parallax

91. The Adversary


90. Carnage

89. Shade

88. Hunter Rose

87. Electro

86. The Governor

85. Mysterio

84. Doctor Light

83. Grigori Rasputin

82. Doctor Sivana

81. Mandarin


80. Prometheus

79. Mirror Master

78. Lady Deathstrike

77. Proteus

76. Mister Mxyzptlk

75. Magog

74. Saint of Killers

73. Clayface

72. Sandman

71. Thunderbolt Ross


70. William Stryker

69. Cheetah

68. Lucifer

67. Mr. Freeze

66. Herr Starr

65. Kang the Conqueror

64. Poison Ivy

63. The Leader

62. Lizard

61. Parasite


60. Amanda Waller

59. Riddler

58. Scarecrow

57. Hobgoblin

56. Dormammu

55. Sebastian Shaw

54. Abomination

53. Kraven the Hunter

52. Metallo

51. Penguin


50. Cassandra Nova

49. Anti-Monitor

48. Mephisto

47. Thanos

46. Doomsday

45. Harley Quinn

44. Sabretooth

43. Deadshot

42. Talia Al Ghul

41. Mongul


40. Baron Zemo II

39. Shredder

38. Sentinel

37. Zoom

36. Vandal Savage

35. Gorilla Grodd

34. Bane

33. Cyborg Superman

32. Deathstroke

31. Professor Zoom


30. General Zod

29. Sinister

28. Doctor Octopus

27. Captain Cold

26. Kid Miracleman

25. Bizarro

24. Apocalypse

23. Ultron

22. Venom

21. Ozymandias

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20. Bullseye


Bullseye has never been about subtlety, nuance or emotion. He's a killer, through and through, with a disputed history that may or may not be true given some stories being narrated by Bullseye himself. The only clear information fans have at this point is that the man's first name is Lester. The rest

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I agree with most of this, especially the top 5.

I do think Mysterio, the Riddler, and Doctor Octopus polled too low though.

And, what the heck? Scorpion isn't on this list at all? Failure.

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Magneto surely is one of the best, but I don't know about being the best. But whatever, I'm a comic nub ;-;

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Magneto absolutely deserves that #1 spot.


I'm not familiar with the backstory so I would suggest you look it up if you want to know more.

And Carnage's spot is about what it should be, he was never a great villain, more cool than anything else.

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Some are a little low I guess, and Joker is probably somewhat better than Magneto, might be a little high. List isn't so bad.

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And Carnage's spot is about what it should be, he was never a great villain, more cool than anything else.

Yeah, but there are quite a few much lamer villains higher than him.

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I don't know how old this list is, but Captain America is alive. And Green Goblin wasn't high enough. Same with Grodd.

Overall, this list is very WTF to me.

Edited by blargh

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Joker is not a better villain than Magneto.

Magneto has warred with Charles Xavier and the X-Men for decades, they have never found a way to truly stop him. On top of that, he has spawned an entire family of villains - sons, daughters, grandsons, grandaughters - Magneto vs. the X-Men typifies the most basic struggle of man i.e. fighting for freedom.

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There is a lot of inconsistency in this list. While they have a lot of spots that make sense, some should just simply be higher and some just don't deserve to be as high as they are.

For example, William Stryker is number 70, which is behind people like Lizard and Scarecrow. And how the hell did the Juggernaut make top 20?

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