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Animal Crossing General Discussion

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Welcome to the Animal Crossing 3DS Discussion thread. Here, we will update all the info we can find about Animal Crossing 3DS. Not much now, but hopefully we can get more info soon. Enjoy!

Animal Crossing
Genre: Communication, Player Count 1-4 -- The latest entry in the Animal Crossing series retains the premise of allowing you to experience life in a village. The game adds a new element where you become the village head and create your own village. The graphics promise to retain the look of the series while delivering a 3D feel. Source

In Animal Crossing 3DS, players move out on their own to live a life of ease in a village of walking, talking animals. But this time around, unexpected circumstances suddenly put the player in the role of Mayor in a town they've only just arrived in. With the help of the many unique townsfolk and one eager secretary, players will enjoy making their new town a better place for all to live in! Source

Animal Crossing 3DS has been confirmed to support the tag mode feature that was in Nintendogs. If if you own any compatible games all the communication happens automatically, even if the game cartridge isn't in, or if you're playing something else. You could go for a walk through town and later find that you've downloaded content or items, either just by passing a Wi-Fi hotspot, or making a local connection with another 3DS owner. Source

Also in 2012, Nintendo 3DS owners will be able to enjoy a new 3D instalment in the Animal Crossing franchise. This version will include a number of options for players not available in previous versions. These include the ability to become the head of the village and boost its development, a way to install certain items in the village to make its characteristics more personalised for each player and the ability to view homes of other players who are tagged through StreetPass connections. Source.



Who would have guessed that collecting furniture and cutting down peach trees could be fun? But Nintendo did create a franchise that's built upon the very real tenets that accruing lots of stuff is reward enough for a job well done, and of course a new version has to grace its latest system. The 3DS version of Animal Crossing looks a lot better than the previous three renditions, though, and not just because of the extra dimension. We came away itching to dig holes in the ground one more time after seeing the first footage of the latest Animal Crossing.

There isn't much gameplay in the short, noninteractive trailer, but one thing is certain: This is the best-looking Animal Crossing yet, surpassing even the Wii version. The camera is zoomed in a lot closer to the main character, and the extra detail on your protagonist and the environment is immediately apparent. The trees look particularly impressive. The bark and leaves look much more vibrant, and the 3D effect when running through a forest is a treat. The inside of a home is just as stunning. You can now rotate the camera to get a look at everything you've collected. The items in the demo home included a model train set and a drinking water bird, and it was fun just to stare at them because they were so detailed. Source.

The non-interactive (but real-time) Animal Crossing Demo didn’t answer much else besides proving that 3D works within the Animal Crossing universe. It did more than prove it, too. Animal Crossing’s art was gorgeous on the widescreen 3DS display. As was the case with many other 3DS demos, the 3D wasn’t noticeable – and that’s not a negative. The 3D added real, tangible depth to the on-screen image, the greatest asset of 3D. It fit perfectly. I was forced to quickly jump over to another 3DS demo before Animal Crossing concluded, preventing me from culling anything important from what may be changing in terms of gameplay. Source.

But at least you get to see how well the stereoscopic LCD can display the familiar Animal Crossing world. The "rolling log" effect of the game's world is in effect in this version as you watch one of the Animal Crossing humans wander the terrain and bump into the occasional animal -- one of which was a bear that I've never seen before in any of the prior Animal Crossing games, leading me to believe there will actually be new creatures to encounter. The human wandered into a house filled with all sorts of furniture, and the game automatically shifted the camera closer to the character and rotated it around so that the viewer can see all the items in this abode. Again, the stereoscopic effect worked well here. Subtle, but helpful. What's most noticeable is the insane increase in texture detail. The game might be running at 30 frames per second when compared to the Wii's 60 FPS, but the detail of the grass and the furniture is far, far superior to what's going on in the Wii version. Even when the camera swooped in for a close look inside one of the animal's houses, you could pick out the detail on the checkerboard and sofa. There was nothing in this demo to indicate if the actual Animal Crossing design will be anything more than what it's been on the Nintendo DS and Wii -- after playing through both of those games at length I'm ready for a fresh life in an animal infested village. Source.

The bite-sized bits of play-at-your-own-pace fun in Animal Crossing: Wild World for Nintendo DS proved the series a perfect fit for portable gaming, and it's an easy bet that the Nintendo 3DS installment will at least be good. The added 3D effect is a perfect match for the way the ground scrolls into the horizon; it adds a sense of depth that makes the town feel as if it's made of real-world miniatures that you pinch with your fingers. So far we've seen only the game's newly tall and thin characters going about their day in the usual Animal Crossing way, so the big question is, how much will be added to the series' familiar formula? With the many new features of Nintendo 3DS - particularly the system's improved Wi-Fi functionality - there should be plenty of creative ideas for the developers to explore.

Animal Crossing 3DS Video Footage:


(To see the screen larger, click on it):

The official Japanese Animal Crossing 3DS website can be found HERE.

What we know so far:

  • You can now wear Pants and Skirts
  • There are different looking trees and houses
  • The conversation window has been changed
  • There are benches and lampposts outside. Maybe more....?
  • Weeds will appear in your town again
  • The beach isn't JUST at the bottom of town anymore
  • Apples are confirmed to return
  • Shovel will return. The axe might return too, as there is a tree stump in the background of one picture.
  • Rosie, Bob, Kurt, and Filbert will return
  • Unlike Wild World, the main screen looks to be the top screen. You can see this in this image. So, we don't know what will be on the bottom screen. I am guessing... it might be the inventory. :o
  • There are now 4 flowers in a flower batch
  • There is a different camera angle system in houses

Fan-made Box Art by Coolguy11:

Also, it seems the domain animalcrossing3ds.com has been bought by Nintendo. If you go there now, you go to the official Nintendo website. I can't wait for the site to go live! xD

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i cant wait, i love animal crossing, but one thing

i hate the characters, theyre body designs in this one are weird, theyre like creepy almost

other that that HELL YAH, i remember when i first got animal crossing for gamecube, damn that game was fun. you didnt need to win, it was just like life but greener.

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CONFIREMD!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOT! \(^o^)/ Hmmm...The environment (outdside) looks pretty cool. LOL, the human and animal characters are taller?....That's kool I guees. Well, like I said before....It BETTER NOT be more of the same ol' same ol'. I can't keep doing the same crap over and over each game! o_O'... even though I love AC, I just CAN'T! I already see some of the same items again. I hope there's a lot of new ones. Man...The tech in the 3DS is soo awesome! :) Can't wait to see/here more! (o^_^)b

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. . . That's looks nicer than City Folk.


And the constant wifi on the 3DS is going to be so great.

You can send messages to your friends, and they'll receive it without going through the process of setting things up every time.

Agh. Can't. Wait.

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The heads look like there going to fall off the body or something. o_o but overall it does look nicer then City Folk. Let's hope for some new music. Heck I'd even be fine if they combined AC:GC's OST and WW together. Just please no more WW music..

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Included larger screens for your viewing pleasure. To view them, just click the screen. It should open up a new tab with the screen larger. I also added some things we know from looking at these screens. Wouldn't be a bad idea to read the list in case you missed something from the screens. ;)

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Seriously, though. There's SO much of the new "tag wifi" feature that they can implement in this game. It's going to be great.

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Interesting. I might just go and pick up Animal Crossing again. I didn't purchase City Folk. IMO, it looked terrible. It didn't seem like it had that much more content than AC:WW.

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I will NOT be getting this, since I don't like AC anymore (sorry), Nintendo screwed with its charming art-style (taller, awkward people, and also the trees...), and it looks like AC won't change.

Oh well, hope the forums get active for you guys when it gets released. btw, sorry for abandoning everyone. I'm officialy done with AC, so you won't see me here anymore. Best wishes to the Crossing Guardian. See ya. :)

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