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One Year After The Fall Of Nsider2

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As I thought to be correct- they all left, making sure to ban anyone who actually enjoyed the forum... Just to make sure this place died for good when they hop'd on over to their own up-the-butt-forum.

Who is left in charge? Who is actually here that has the ability to change this forum? 



This is depressing. I blame "Shrimpkid" and "Retquis" to be at fault for having ruined this forum, this memory. 

Michael Jackson3 copy.png


Here is my last sig, in honor and memory of the original Nsider Forums~

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DRAGONBALL NARRATOR: Thus concludes the age-long saga of TOAD064 jacking RAVEN_64's swag. Does it end with him awakening to his failings and his own soul? No. It ends as pathetically as it began: with our shell of a man approaching his 30's basking in an awful aura of petulance and meth use. Quite the superiority complex our Cool Kid has, yeah? Choking at the transition to adulthood, his head swole up so big to float him over harrowing waters he just couldn't swim. NSider2, a half-baked memorial to juvenile origins, makes a fitting tombstone for that kind of life, don't you think?


jk lol

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