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Hello, world.

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Hi, I was just thinking about the fact that there used to be a Nintendo NSider forum that got shut down, and happened to stumble upon this place while researching what became of it. It looks like this forum isn't very popular these days. I'm very interested in Nintendo and Nintendo communities, as well as their history.


I'm mostly joining because I have a soft spot for dead/dying forums. At some point in my life, I developed a strange habit of going around to dead forums and trying to see if I can make an account and attempt to generate activity. I like being one of the last people to join a forum before registration is closed off or the place is shut down, and I have a feeling I'm just in time. Most of the time, the account creation fails because registration is turned off or switched to manual right before the staff disappear. Here, it actually worked. Which means this place probably died within the past year and there may still be some staff logging in every once in a while.


So, I'll be monitoring the situation and watching this process unfold, because forum death in general is a topic that fascinates me. I have a somewhat weird and macabre interest in it. I suspect that a lot of people are moving to social media sites like Facebook, and also starting to prefer experiences like Skype and Discord where communication is more instant and personal due to people's decreasing attention span and the rise of texting/smartphones.


The forums that are still alive are mostly a revolving door of old-timers returning, and new members are almost always refugees from defunct forums that still refuse to use social media getting herded into one of the few that still exist. You don't often see people who've never used forums before signing up for them and using them a lot. Logically, then, I would have to conclude that the forum has somehow lost or alienated its original base of members and is struggling to attract new ones. So it thus has the same problems as a brand new forum would in this day and age.



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the admins and entire userbase abandoned this forum when the company who owns it refused to update it, do anything with it, or give control to the actual active members
we're all on a site called n i n f o r a now. it usually has ~10 active users at any given time, mostly old users as you mentioned, so it's definitely active enough to enjoy that old forum nostalgia.

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