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eating is bad

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eating is really messed up, the whole reality of it. just thinking about eating is enough to make a person lose any optimism they have for life and the universe. that's why i don't think about it. i don't think about much. i especially don't think about snakes dragging their huge ballsacks through leaves and dirt. it's too scary. it's the most horrifying thing ever. i could cry. but ya, we have to kill animals and plants so we can absorb them into our bodies. being livestock often means being born into a terminal nightmare and all that. the same animals can be raised as pets and emotionally bonded with just as well as a dog or cat, but people generally can't even fathom killing and eating a dog or a cat. if you're on a tiny planet and it's just you and one other person, you'd have to kill and devour that person so you can live a little longer to catch the next episode of Barney. and that person would feel so much fear and pain until they died. and that's a necessity of life. just because it's a necessity doesn't mean it's good. it just means really bad things about life. it's easy not to think about it though. the other day i got 20 chicken mcnuggets from mcdonalds. a bunch of feathered dudes were ground up into pink paste and squirted into globs so i could chow down and ignore everything wrong with existence for a few minutes with some oral masturbation. it's hilariously evil. it's just awful. go vegan, it's the least you can do. at most it's just a gesture though, or a way to have some moral integrity or some peace knowing you aren't pooping out dead animals. there's not really any stopping the nightmare train of society 

life's foundational problems aren't easily solvable. there are evil forces manning this planet, they've been at it for a very long time and have it down pretty well. society is so interwoven with their darkness. people are trained from birth by a pretty much self-sustaining system. the nature of the family unit is used against us to manipulate us. commodities, capitalism, blah blah, you know. we're raised by commercials. me? i was raised by super mario. i'm not like you sheep, you goombas. i jump OVER the flag and keep going. i'm off the grid. i only stop when time runs out. time is the only thing that can touch-a me.

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