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Review: The World Ends With You

The World Ends With You

By: Rhyme

Darkness falls down over you as your lids become heavy. Going to sleep as if for the last time. All the noise around you grows louder and louder then suddenly STOPS! You scream out “GO AWAY! I’m the only person this world needs!” Nothing, it’s all gone. Meaningless, that’s what you tell yourself. Life, the world, people, it’s all worthless. Yet, is that how you really feel?

Just then out of nowhere a monster attacks! Jumping to your feet you scramble to gain your balance. Everything goes red as the enemy draws closer. Finding yourself hopeless you flee for your life. Running to the next street over you see people disappearing left and right. Are you next? Taking a deep breath, your heart now pounding in your chest, when suddenly a blue light appears and a pact is made. You’re biggest fear comes true, you have to work with another person in order to survive.

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